Sleeping pills names

Insomnia can occur in people of all ages. In many cases, it can last no more than two consecutive nights, but sometimes it can last for weeks, months or even years.

People who have already experienced episodes of insomnia, remember the names of the sleeping pills, which they took earlier. When the first signs of insomnia appear, they buy sleeping pills online and immediately begin treatment.

If take no measures and ignore sleep problems, insomnia can switch into a chronic form, the treatment of which will take much longer.

Since pharmacies offer a large number of different over the counter and prescription sleeping pills, an ordinary person can easily get lost in their names. It can be quite a serious challenge to buy effective sleeping pills.

If you have never taken a pill for sleep disorders, consult with your doctor. It is recommended to begin treatment of this problem with the use of mild sleeping pills, the names of which will be listed below.

You can buy these sleep aids without a prescription in any online or retail pharmacy. When people have no opportunity to visit a doctor, they usually look for sleeping pills without prescriptions, which will help them to quickly improve their condition.

Here are some names of mild sleeping pills, which have an optimum efficacy and safety profile, and help cope with mild forms of insomnia:

  • SleepWell;
  • EasySleep;
  • Luna Natural Sleep Aid;
  • Kirkland Sleep Aid.

Although OTC sleeping pills are considered safe enough, their long-term and uncontrolled use can lead to a decrease in effectiveness and the progression of insomnia.

In those cases where mild pills for sleep disorders are ineffective, people can buy prescription sleeping pills to fight insomnia (hypnotics or the Z-drugs).

The list of brand names for prescription sleeping pills includes:

  • Rozerem;
  • Restoril;
  • Lunesta;
  • Sonata.

Because these drugs do not alter the sleep structure and almost do not cause drowsiness during the daytime, Z-drugs these days are among the most widely used meds for eliminating insomnia.

Intermezzo, Ambien, Edluar, Tovalt, and Zolpimist also belong to the hypnotics class and are generic names for sleeping pills, which contain the hypnotic agent Zolpidem.

Any of these drugs is strong sleeping pills and effectively treats years-long insomnia and other sleep disorders. The advantages of hypnotic that belong to the Z-group are the absence of a negative impact over person’s memory, attention and cognitive abilities. Weakness and fatigue also don’t manifest during their use.

Every year, new sleeping pills appear on the pharmaceutical market under completely different trade names. Therefore, it becomes more difficult to decide which sleeping pills to take. If you do not know what kind of sleeping pills to buy, consult a doctor.