Best Sleep Aid For Insomnia. Medications That Can Help You Sleep

Needless to say that various sleep disorders adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the person. Such disorders are one of the main reasons for seeking medical help.

Many people suffering from sleep disorders do not seek medical help. This may happen due to the reluctance or lack of time. Therefore, people often ask the question – “Where to buy over the counter sleep aids?”

If you are one of those people, you can read this review. There are different types of over the counter sleep aids, therefore more information will help to choose that means, which will work in the particular case.

How to start the treatment of insomnia?

Just as any other disorders, the treatment of sleep disorders is started with the determination of disease causes. According to the diagnosis results, over the counter sleep aids or other treatment methods (e.g., relaxation) can be recommended.

The choice of over the counter sleep aids that actually work can depend on the person’s age and the presence of various pathologies (e.g., high blood pressure). Over the counter sleep aids can work more effectively in combination with various methods of sleep hygiene.

Generally, OTC sleep aids should be taken in the episodic or short-term insomnia. If these measures are insufficient, the use of potent hypnotics can be recommended.

Most potent hypnotics are available at pharmacies by prescription only. This is explained by the presence of a significant number of side effects. These medications can cause physical and psychological dependence.

Unlike prescription medications, over the counter sleep aids rarely cause side effects, therefore they are safe for the health. It should be noted that the most important thing is to properly choose OTC sleep aids for a particular sleep disorder.

For example, if there is difficulty falling asleep, it is sufficient to use over the counter sleep aids of short action. In the case of frequent nighttime awakenings, OTC sleep aids of prolonged action are recommended.

Over the counter sleep aids approved by the FDA

In the USA, before medications are launched on sale, costly clinical trials to prove the effectiveness and safety of drugs, are conducted. Therefore, a list of over the counter sleep aids approved by the FDA is not as big as the list of OTC sleep aids offered on online pharmacies.

Over the counter sleep aids approved in the United States include medications containing the combination of active substances Diphenhydramine and Ibuprofen or Diphenhydramine and Naproxen. The combination of these substances does not only improve sleep, but also relieves the symptoms of pain and inflammation.

You can buy such over the counter sleep aids under the brand name Advil PM and Aleve PM. The suppliers of these drugs are the largest pharmaceutical companies – Pfizer and Bayer.

Typically, over the counter sleep aids do not cause severe side effects, do not affect psychomotor function, so they can be recommended for different age groups. In some cases, OTC sleep aids are contraindicated in children under 12 years old.

Over the counter sleep aids containing melatonin

Melatonin is an analogue of the hormone that controls sleep-wake cycle in humans. Melatonin exerts a physiological effect on nerve processes and promotes the appearance of sleepiness.

Some people think that over the counter sleep aids containing melatonin may affect the production of sleep hormone in the body. This is not true. Melatonin has the necessary therapeutic effect and then it is rapidly metabolized.

Melatonin does not affect the well-being of people throughout the day that advantageously distinguishes it from other natural sleep aids. Melatonin does not disrupt sleep patterns and has no other negative effects.

People regularly experiencing sleep problems can buy melatonin by a variety of pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Natrol and CVS). These over the counter sleep aids are available for sale and are not controlled by national health authorities.

Herbal sleeping pills

There are several herbs traditionally used to facilitate falling asleep and staying asleep. Therefore, many of the best sleep aids include chamomile extract, valerian root, melissa, St. John’s wort and lavender.

It is believed that over the counter sleep aids containing valerian root are the best selling in the world. Valerian can eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and stress not only in humans but also in other mammals (e.g., dogs). However, over the counter sleep aids designed for people should not be used in pets.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people experience insomnia, so the development of new hypnotics is a major public health task. New over the counter sleep aids should be safer and more efficient than the existing ones.

People who want to get rid of difficulty falling asleep can buy over the counter sleep aids on Walmart, Amazon and the majority of online pharmacies. Price of OTC sleep aids can vary, so learn the best offers before making the order.