Skinny pill

Every person, who has ever had to lose weight, know how many disappointments and difficulties arise on the way to achieve the goal. Everyone wants to buy skinny pill, which will help to lose weight comfortably without dieting and any efforts.

The world pharmaceutical market offers a very large number of diet pills promising an obese person fast and effective weight loss. However, not all of them are equally effective and safe.

Skinny pills, which today people can buy on online pharmacies and at retail pharmacies, can be divided into two categories:

  • prescription medicines
  • nonprescription medications (OTC weight-loss pills)

Indications for using weight loss medicines (or anti-obesity drugs) are the presence of overweight or obesity (BMI of 27kg / m2). The first publications on obesity treatment with anti-obesity drugs appeared in the late 19th century.

Synthesis of adrenergic drugs amphetamine and Phendimetrazine suppressing appetite is considered a real breakthrough in obesity treatment. However, subsequently it was noted that these drugs have a high potential for drug dependence, nervous agitation, and depression.

Today Phendimetrazine and amphetamine are included in a list of psychotropic drugs that are legally sold only in a few countries (including the US). Therefore, not every obese person has an opportunity to buy skinny pills of amphetamines group online or at retail pharmacies.

Since 1990 drugs that inhibit serotonin reuptake in the central nervous system – Sibutramine, Fenfluramine, Phenylpropanolamine were commonly used to treat overweight. Subsequently, these drugs were withdrawn from sale because of serious side effects.

Around the same time, noradrenergic anorectic drugs Phentermine, Mazindol, and Diethylpropion have been widely used in clinical practice.

In 2000, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended to ban sale of anti-obesity drugs in Europe due to unfavorable risk / benefit ratio.

In the US, Mazindol and Diethylpropion were recalled, but Phentermine skinny pills are still available online or at retail pharmacies of the country.

Anorectic Phentermine is the most effective drug, which helps many obese Americans to cope with increased appetite and to get rid of constant feeling of hunger.

The mechanism of action of skinny pill Phentermine is to stimulate the brain and centers that regulate hunger and feeling of fullness. Powerful anorectic effect and rapid weight loss are the main advantages of Phentermine.

You can buy Phentermine skinny pills under the brand names Adipex, Lomaira, Duromine, Ionamin, and Suprenza on the international online pharmacies.

In 1994, a new anti-obesity drug Rimonabant with fundamentally different mechanism of action was developed. Action of the drug is based on decrease in activity of endocannabinoid system that helps to reduce the amount of food consumed, as well as has a positive effect on metabolism.

Due to increased risk of serious psychiatric disorders (depression, suicidal thoughts); Rimonabant was withdrawn from the European market in 2009. So, skinny pills Rimonabant were not approved at the American market.

In 1999, a new anti-obesity drug Orlistat appeared on the global pharmaceutical market. As shown by clinical studies, Orlistat is one of the safest and widely used anti-obesity drug all over the world.

If you decide to buy Orlistat skinny pills, order them on online pharmacy to save time and money, since there price on weight loss medicines is lower than at city pharmacies.

The drug has a therapeutic effect within the gastrointestinal tract and has no systemic effect. Orlistat action is based on inhibition of activity of gastrointestinal lipases that leads to decreased absorption of about 30% fats coming from food.

Despite the fact that to date there are no scientific evidences, as well as studies confirming that OTC skinny pills have a positive effect on weight loss, they are widely used in obesity treatment.

Nonprescription (over the counter) medications can be considered an effective method of weight loss in people who have contraindications to prescription drugs. One can buy these skinny pills on online pharmacy, in supermarkets, or health food stores.

OTC weight-loss pills are considered safe and effective if the person follows all directions on his prescription label. However, these means have certain ingredients that can cause undesirable effects.

Chitosan, chromium picolinate, alkaloids of plants in the genus Ephedra and Garcinia are most commonly used in combination with caffeine and carnitine. These substances are included in many fat burners that do not really have any effect on fat oxidation.

Such OTC skinny pills accelerate metabolism stimulating the central nervous system that has a negative impact on the overall health. OTC skinny pills have been reported to cause cardiovascular and neurological side effects. It should be noted that skinny pills containing ingredients of vegetable origin, are not approved by regulatory authorities for obesity treatment.