Slimming pills

Today, you can buy different types of slimming pills on online pharmacy, at regular pharmacies, in large and small retail stores. A list of slimming pills available at the global market is very large and this causes difficulties with choice of an effective and safe drug.

Even the best slimming pills do not give 100% guarantee of achievement of perfect figure. Their use has many health benefits, but unfortunately, they are not a panacea that will solve all your problems with being overweight.

A good news is that slimming pills really work and cause a stable body weight loss. Using slimming pills, you possibly will not get a perfect figure, but achievement of healthier body weight is a real result.

Losing just 10-15 percent of your body weight leads to a significant decrease in your waist circumference and to more attractive figure. Most importantly, even modest weight loss gives very great benefits for physical and mental health, including:

  • Stabilization of blood pressure;
  • Reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels;
  • Immunity improvement;
  • Increase in self-esteem.

Primarily, a successful weight loss begins with lifestyle change. Even if you buy the best slimming pills online, they cannot replace a healthy lifestyle. Any drugs for obesity treatment should be taken in conjunction with:

  • Increase in overall level of activity throughout the day;
  • Changes in dietary behavior;
  • Maintaining a balance of physical activity and diet.

Potential diet problems can be discussed with professional nutritionists or other experts. They will help you to choose a diet that will reduce your body weight without hunger pangs and will improve your health.

A good choice can be a “Mediterranean diet”. Nutritionists point out that this diet is richer in vegetables, healthy proteins, olive oil, nuts and fish comparing to the most other widely used diets.

To slimming pills consistently work, there is no need to use extreme workout methods. Brisk walking or aerobic exercise for one hour per day will help to build muscle tissue and to burn calories.

Slimming pills will help to reduce circumference of waist, hips, hands and other body parts, but will not do all work instead of you. That is why people who take slimming pills, but do not change their way of life do not get the expected result.

Prescription or over the counter weight loss drugs

For many years, slimming pills are available in the form of prescription medicines or OTC (over the counter) drugs. One can buy such slimming pills at local pharmacies or on online pharmacies at different prices.

Some prescription slimming pills appeared long time ago and now are widely used in medical practice. For example, Phentermine is used to treat obesity more than 50 years and every year in the United States, over 7 million prescriptions are written for this appetite suppressant.

Many OTC drugs are the real blockbusters on the pharmaceutical market of weight loss products. PhenQ, Phen375, Unique Hoodia and some other slimming pills are relatively new, but they are already known worldwide.

Typically, prescription slimming pills have only one mechanism of action. For example, Phentermine suppresses appetite, but Orlistat blocks absorption of fats in the gastrointestinal tract.

OTC slimming pills often combine advantages of several products for weight loss. For example, Phen375 suppresses hunger, increases metabolism, burns calories and improves digestion.

Efficacy and safety of slimming pills

Despite many prescription diet pills have only one mechanism of action, their effectiveness can be higher than that of OTC medications for weight loss, especially in short-term use. Therefore, many people prefer to buy prescription slimming pills, at least at the beginning of obesity treatment.

For example, stable and significant weight loss is observed when using Phentermine within 8-10 weeks. However, after about 5-7 weeks of using these prescription slimming pills, their effectiveness begins to decrease considerably. It is clinically proven that Phentermine effectively suppresses appetite within no more than 12 weeks of use.

OTC diet pills have several mechanisms of action and they can be taken for a long time. While Phentermine reduces body weight within 3 months, OTC slimming pills help to burn fat for 12 months or more.

Prescription or OTC drugs for obesity treatment should be effective, and most importantly safe. During using slimming pills, sometimes side effects may occur, but they should not be annoying or dangerous. If they are such, these diet pills should not be taken.

Prescription slimming pills cause side effects, including severe. For example, people taking Phentermine, often complain of increased blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, decreased libido, headaches and other side effects.

Side effects and insufficient therapeutic effect are the main reasons for termination of using prescription slimming pills. Sometimes, use of such drugs leads to overdose and hospitalization.

Today you can buy OTC slimming pills online, including those that contain natural ingredients only. If to start using OTC slimming pills and follow the recommendations for use, side effects will not occur. Even in failure to follow the recommendations for use, risk of side effects is minimal.