Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is a proven and reliable method of obesity treatment. If diet, physical activity or medications failed to optimize body weight, weight loss surgery can help.

Statistics shows that people with severe obesity are becoming more and more, so weight loss surgery is not only good, but also the only way to solve excess weight problems in many cases.

To combat obesity, various options of weight loss surgery are used, including very serious ones. For example, procedure of sleeve gastrectomy involves cutting and crosslinking of stomach tissue.

During gastric sleeve surgery, 80-85% of the stomach is cut. After this procedure, the person has a new, small stomach and this leads to weight loss. Today, gastric sleeve surgery is a very popular and herewith a serious procedure.

The latest options of bariatric surgery include implantation of medical devices in the body of obese person. It is necessary minimal surgical intervention to implant the following devices:

  • Gastric balloon system
  • Electrical stimulation system
  • Gastric Banding System

Gastric balloon – is a medical device, which is implanted easily and quickly in the stomach. After placing the gastric balloon into the stomach, it is filled with solution and as a result, free space in the stomach is reduced.

Weight loss surgery is not always necessary for introduction of the gastric balloon. Soft silicone balloon is introduced safely and quickly into the stomach through the esophagus (invasive endoscopic procedure).

Electrical stimulation system is a medical device that blocks transmission of nerve impulses between the brain and stomach. Electrical stimulation system reduces appetite, helps to control the amount of food consumed that leads to weight loss.

Bariatric surgery is necessary for implantation of electrodes on anterior and posterior trunk of the vagus nerve in the stomach. The generator of electrical pulses is outside the patient’s body and is connected to the electrodes by wires. Switching-on electrical pulse generator does not allow the brain to get information that there is no food in the digestive tract.

Weight loss surgery for gastric banding is a procedure of implantation of a silicone band on the top part of the stomach, as well as implantation of connection tube and access port.

After weight loss surgery, the silicone band is filled with solution. Increase in the volume of the silicone band creates a small pouch in the upper part of the stomach. Gastric banding allows the person to consume a limited amount of food and causes rapid saturation.

Each option of weight loss surgery has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the presence of several alternatives of weight loss surgery at various price allows to choose that obesity treatment method, which corresponds to expectations and improves the quality of life.