Ionamin capsules

Ionamin is a reliable and effective drug for weight loss. It is effective for those patients who failed to lose weight using only diet therapy and physical activities. Many online pharmacies offer to buy Ionamin without prescription.

Ionamin is a trademark of Phentermine, widely known around the world the nervous system stimulant and appetite suppressant (anorectic). An action of Phentermine is to develop neurotransmitters affecting the satiety center in the brain. As a result of Ionamin application, the desire to eat is reduced.

Under the influence of Ionamin, hunger is decreased, a person consumes less food, the body absorbs fewer calories and thus weight is reduced.

Upon intake of Ionamin, blood concentration reaches its peak in about 3-4.5 hours. An anorectic effect of Ionamin is maintained for the whole day.

You should remember that weight loss is slow just using Ionamin alone without supporting by a diet and moderate physical activity. The anorectic may be used only as an adjunct to diet therapy and sports.

Besides, Ionamin is indicated only for treatment of obesity caused by overeating. The anorectic seems not to be effective if obesity is caused by metabolic disorders or other diseases.

Benefits to be obtained if buy Ionamin without prescription:

  • quick and efficient weight loss;
  • more comfortable terms for dieting and exercise;
  • new habits and lifestyle to maintain the ideal weight.

In order to reduce craving for food, one Ionamin capsule of 15 or 30 mg taken in the morning is enough. Application of Ionamin should be started with the minimum dosage – 15 mg per day. If the anorectic effect is insufficient, the daily dose can be increased to 30 mg per day.

Do not take Ionamin at bedtime as the anorectic is a stimulant of the nervous system and may cause insomnia. Also, due to the stimulating effect, Ionamin is not recommended to those under 16 years of age.

For elderly patients over 65 years, Ionamin is as effective for weight loss, as for younger people. But considering that older people often have problems with kidney or liver functions, they are recommended to use only the lowest Ionamin dose of 15 mg per day.

The application of Ionamin should not exceed a few weeks. If a patient failed to lose at least 5% of initial body weight within one month of using the anorectic, Ionamin therapy should be ceased and other options for weight loss to be considered.

Ionamin is indicated only for short-term obesity treatment. The anorectic should not be taken longer than 3 months. This time is assumed to be sufficient for a patient to lose the weight and to develop new eating habits to maintain in the future the effect of Ionamin.

Despite the benefits and effectiveness, Ionamin may lead to side effects. The most common effect of Ionamin is slight increase in blood pressure, dry mouth, insomnia, allergic reactions, or decreased libido.

Misusing Ionamin, which may lead to side effects:

  • intake of two Ionamin capsules at a time, several intakes of the anorectic a day;
  • alcohol consumption during the course of Ionamin application;
  • simultaneous use of Ionamin and other medications, such as anti-diabetic agents.

It should also be noted that Ionamin is contraindicated to patients with cardiovascular problems or a history of a heart attack or stroke.

If you are planning to buy Ionamin without prescription, before making an order, you can compare prices on various Phentermine-based anorectics.

For example, Adipex has the same properties and indications as Ionamin. But Adipex contains 37.5 mg of Phentermine as hydrochloride, equivalent to 30 mg of pure Phentermine, contained in Ionamin.

Ionamin is the first Phentermine-based drug. The anorectic was developed in 1959 and quickly became worldwide popular as one of the most effective weight loss drugs. Currently Ionamin without prescription is not available at local pharmacies, but it can be ordered online, on international or regional online pharmacies.