Weight loss tablets

Due to a constant increase in the number of obese people, today there are so many different weight loss tablets on the world pharmaceutical market. They include prescription or OTC diet pills, as well as supplements.

Read this review and find out what the difference between drugs for obesity treatment and dietary supplements is, and how to create a slender figure by their means. You will also find out whether you can buy weight loss tablets online.

Drugs for obesity treatment are adapted individually for each patient. Choose the most suitable diet drug in accordance with several criteria, including:

  • features of lifestyle,
  • presence of secondary diseases,
  • obesity severity,
  • presence of metabolic disorders.

If you want to get rid by an average of 5% – 11% of excess weight, order such weight loss tablets as Belviq (Lorcaserin), Adipex (Phentermine) or Xenical (Orlistat). They are most often prescribed to adults and adolescents with a BMI above 27 kg / m2.

These diet drugs are prescription, but they are sold without prescription on many online pharmacies. If you are prescribed with Orlistat for obesity treatment, you can buy it without prescription under the brand name Alli.

There are different types of weight loss tablets. Depending on the patient’s age, BMI and his previous experience of medical treatment of obesity, various slimming pills can be prescribed. They vary by structure and mechanism of action:

  • Adipex (Phentermine) affects the person’s central nervous system, thereby suppressing appetite and greatly accelerating metabolism;
  • Belviq (Lorcaserin) also helps to effectively control appetite by acting on serotonin receptors in the brain;
  • Such weight loss tablets as Xenical and Alli (Orlistat) inhibit lipase activity whereby lipids coming from food are not absorbed in the body, but excreted in the feces;
  • Meridia (Sibutramine) inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine in the body, thus increasing the feeling of fullness.

Before to buy weight loss tablets online, carefully read the leaflet and familiarize yourself with the recommendations for their use. This is due to the fact that these weight loss tablets have a different level of safety and may cause various adverse reactions:

  • Results of clinical studies confirm that Orlistat is better tolerated by patients comparing to other slimming pills. It has the lowest number of contraindications and risk of side effects is extremely low. Most often Orlistat may cause gastrointestinal effects such as diarrhea or abdominal pain.
  • Such weight loss tablets as Phentermine (Adipex) or Lorcaserin (Belviq) affect the person’s central nervous system, so they can cause headache, insomnia or vertigo. They are contraindicated in patients with a history of mental illnesses, as well as anxiety, psychotic or eating disorders.
  • Sibutramine has the smallest safety profile. In 2010, it was recalled from the international pharmaceutical market because of high risk of cardiovascular adverse reactions, including atrial fibrillation or angina.

Among the total number of existing weight loss tablets nowadays, supplements have the highest safety profile. To get rid of excess weight without risk of side effects, buy dietary supplements based on vitamins, nutrients and / or extracts of various plants on online pharmacy.

Biologically active additives, such as Phen375 and XLS-Medical are excellent alternative to drugs for obesity treatment. Firstly, they do not cause undesirable effects. Secondly, they contribute to restoration and maintenance of optimal level of nutrients and vitamins.

These weight loss tablets most often include such ingredients as L-carnitine, Bitter orange, Chitosan, Caffeine, Coleus Forskohlii, Ephedra, Yohimbe. Depending on combination of active ingredients, supplements may have different effects, including:

  • appetite suppression,
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • increase of thermogenesis,
  • acceleration of fat burning,
  • increase of lipid metabolism,
  • inhibition of fat digestion.

Some natural weight loss tablets can also contain dietary fibers that swell in the stomach and fill it. Take them regularly, and you will be able to better control your appetite and greatly reduce risk of overeating.

However, supplements for weight loss are less effective than medications. Taking XLS-Medical or Phen375, you will be able to get rid of about 1-3 kg of excess weight in a week.

Buy natural weight loss tablets online right now to start losing weight safely today. If you want to lose weight quickly, you can increase effect of these pills following some recommendations:

  • eat balanced food,
  • abstain from bad habits,
  • increase your daily activity.

There are two general contraindications, which are equally relevant for all types of diet pills. Medications and supplements for weight loss are contraindicated for pregnant women and patients with known hyperactivity to one or some of their components.

Therefore, before to buy weight loss tablets online, familiarize yourself with their composition. If drug for obesity treatment you choose includes one or more ingredients to which you are allergic, buy other slimming pills.

Depending on your residence area, some of these diet drugs can be unavailable at your local pharmacy. In this case, you can buy the desired weight loss tablets online.