Contrave diet pill

After the FDA approved Contrave diet pills to treat obesity, this drug has become very popular among people wishing to lose weight. Patients, who are not obese but have excess body weight because of which a risk of certain diseases occurs, often use Contrave.

Contrave diet pills are approved for patients with a body mass index of 30 and above. In addition, weight loss medication can be used in patients with BMI 27 if their overweight increases the risk of the following diseases:

  • stroke;
  • hypertension;
  • type 2 diabetes.

The metabolism restoration helps to solve the problem of excess weight, so an obese patient should eat less fatty foods if he wants to lose weight. The main factor affecting weight loss is a diet change. Contrave helps to suppress appetite and normalize the patient’s mood.

This diet pill consists of a combination of bupropion and naltrexone. They are psychotropic drugs that affect the central nervous system. Contrave has no effect on lipid metabolism, but improves the mental state of patients who change their lifestyle.

Clinical trials conducted with Contrave diet pills have showed a significant weight loss in patients who used this drug for 6 months. During the researches, obese patients were advised foods they could consume, as well as exercises they had to perform during weight loss with Contrave.

A dosage of Contrave extended-release tablets is recommended to increase gradually during a month. No more than one diet pill per day can be taken during the first week of treating obesity, but two tablets in the morning and two tablets in the evening are recommended in the fourth week.

Before using Contrave diet pills, read the drug leaflet, as well as consult your doctor, since the drug has several contraindications. Contrave is not suitable for every person with excess weight. A list of contraindications includes:

  • convulsive disorders;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • some eating disorders.

Patients, who are trying to lose weight only by means of Contrave, should remember that they would achieve success in weight loss only in the proper strategy of treating obesity. Besides the proper intake of this medicine, daily physical exercises, such as moderate walking, as well as exercising in the morning provide a benefit in combating extra pounds.

Patients using Contrave weight loss pills correctly can lose 5% to 10% of their initial weight. Other diseases the patient suffers from can also affect the number of lost kilograms. For example, some obese patients with type 2 diabetes have lost about 4% of their weight during one year of using Contrave.

The medical insurance does not always cover the cost of your treatment with drugs used in the obesity therapy. Before to buy Contrave, ask a pharmacist not only about how the drug works, but also about possible discounts on this medicine.

Just as most diet pills, Contrave may cause some negative side effects, such as dizziness, nausea, problems with bowel movements, sleep disorder, headache or dry mouth. Before using these diet pills, consider potential interactions with other medicines, especially if you have kidney failure.