Fat burning foods

Any food contains different number of calories and theoretically can increase weight. However, fat burning foods do exist, though many myths revolve around this topic.

Many products have a very high thermogenic effect and literally burn calories. If a person uses these products as a part of balanced and healthy diet, he will manage to reduce waist circumference very quickly.

People know that there are low-calorie and high-calorie food and separate these products into good and bad ones. Many people cannot refuse from “bad” food and feel guilty when consuming it.

Rejection of high-calorie food is not always the best solution. Useful high-calorie foods contain essential substances, so their moderate consumption is needed.

If you are on a diet, try to include fat burning foods and drinks in your daily meals and snacks. These products have amazing properties:

  • Burn fat without feeling of hunger
  • Steadily reduce weight for a long time
  • Do not require additional physical or other efforts

People are surprised when they learn that they consume fat burning foods and do not even know about it. However, this is true. Food with a high thermogenic effect is used by most people every day.

Many people ask a natural question – “If we consume fat burning foods every day, why is body weight not reduced?” The secret of fat burning foods is very simple. Different types of fat burning foods should be consumed in right combination, in reasonable amount and in recommended intervals.

Among the variety of weight loss foods, proteins take the first place. Therefore, many diets with proven efficacy are based on the consumption of large amounts of proteins.

Proteins are indispensable building material for recovery and growth of cells, tissues and organs of the body. Cell growth is a constant process, so the body needs in proteins every day.

Metabolism of proteins has interesting features associated with energy consumption.

  • Proteins are broken down into amino acids with large consumption of calories
  • Energy is required for formation of new proteins from amino acids
  • Excess of amino acids can be stored as fat, however energy is also needed for such transformation.

Dishes high in proteins are ideal for men and women. Fat burning foods high in proteins can be cooked from chicken breast, beef, non-fat cottage cheese, fish, legumes and seafood.

The list of daily products for fat burning must include vegetables. The body expends more energy on digestion of vegetables than they produce.

For example, a serving of Brussels sprouts has about 75 calories. To digest this serving, the body expends about 110 calories. Energy deficit makes 35 calories.

Consumption of 20 servings of vegetables per week, similar to calorie content of Brussels sprouts, allows to burn 700 accumulated calories. This number of calories is contained in about 90g of human fat.

Some plants have a special place in fat burning diet. A feature of these plants is that they contain high concentration of fat-burning substances.

Consumption of Chili peppers increases the blood circulation and help to burn up to 700 extra calories per day. Green tea contains catechins, which speed up metabolism and burn fats (especially in the belly area).

Consumption of fat burning foods at the right time and in the needed quantity will help to melt the accumulated fat rapidly. In order to achieve even greater results, weight loss diet should be combined with fat burning exercises and workouts.