Diet pills that work | Drug Facts | Brand names

Pharmacotherapy of obesity is a proven and one of the most often used weight loss methods. It is clinically proven that diet pills are effective for the treatment of overweight or obesity, including its severe degree.

Many diet pills have excellent safety, efficacy and pharmacoeconomic profile. They really work and help to:

• Lose weight
• Facilitate weight loss
• Control weight

A reasonable question may immediately rise – If diet pills effective, why the number of obese patients continues growing around the globe. The thing is that diet pills are highly effective only if the patient changes lifestyle.

You can buy diet pills that work fast without exercise and hope for weight loss. However, you should keep in mind that diets and increased physical activity during the day are mandatory conditions for any weight loss program.

When people use drugs against obesity and do not change their lifestyle, the results of weight loss can be very modest. Furthermore, diet pills do not promise a fast weight loss, although most patients dream about it.

It is normal to lose 10% of your body weight within 6-12 months of using slimming pills. If you lose 5% to 10% of weight within 3-6 months, it is an excellent result. It should be noted that the experts in the field of obesity believe that a fast weight loss for a long period of time is not always good for health. You need to lose weight gradually.

If you want to buy diet pills that work, you will be offered many options to choose from. To make the right choice, however, you need to rely not only on advertising on the Internet or on TV. You need to understand how diet pills work and what effects they provide for the body.

Despite the huge number of diet pills, they can be divided according to the action mechanism. As a rule, they have one or more mechanisms of action, namely:

• Reduction in the absorption of macroelements
• Appetite suppression
• Metabolism acceleration
• Fat burning

Weight loss pills also can be divided into those that are sold by prescription or over the counter. However, you can find a few exceptions. Orlistat is both prescription and over-the-counter medicine:

• Prescription diet pills are sold under the name Xenical.
• Over-the-counter medication is known as Alli.

Diet pills Xenical and Alli work the same way – reduce the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract. The dose is different. Xenical capsules contain 120mg of Orlistat, while Alli capsules contain 60 mg of this active substance.

Orlistat is not is included in the number of diet pills that work fast without exercise. Over-the-counter status of Orlistat 60mg capsules is an advantage, and the relatively low efficiency – a drawback of the drug. If you want to gradually lose weight, Orlistat is something that can suit you perfectly well.

Phentermine (Adipex) is one of the most famous prescription diet pills that work. Contrave is a new drug for the treatment of obesity, whose popularity is rapidly increasing.

Phentermine and Contrave alter the balance of certain substances in the brain, causing appetite suppression. Using these diet pills, patients can minimize their calorie intake without an agonizing hunger.

Prescription appetite suppressants are considered more effective than fat blockers, at least at the beginning of treatment. However, the efficiency of Phentermine and Contrave decreases with time and this is a disadvantage of this type of medications.

If you want to use diet pills that work effectively, regardless of the duration of use, you can opt for:

• Hoodia
• Caffeine
• Charboleps
• Garcinia cambogia
• Raspberry ketones

Such supplements for weight loss are sold without a prescription, may have multiple mechanisms of action, and are safe even during a prolonged use. They help get rid of excess fat, but perhaps not as effective, as prescription diet pills.