Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

Types of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Risk factors. Causes
Erectile dysfunction is a complete or partial loss of the ability to achieve an erection, sufficient for a full sexual intercourse. Earlier detection of erectile dysfunction symptoms significantly reduces the duration of the disease treatment and allows men to quickly get back to a normal sexual life.

Characteristic symptoms of the erectile dysfunction are:

• decrease of sexual desire
• short duration of intercourse
• fast detumescence during intercourse without ejaculation
• weakening and/or lack of adequate spontaneous erections

There are many causes and predisposing factors (sedentary lifestyle, stress load, etc.) to facilitate sequential appearance of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Age-related changes in the circulatory system lead to the emergence of many diseases, including the erectile dysfunction.

In men older than 50-60 years, sclerotic changes in the vessels of the penis causes the narrowing of their lumen. This leads to a decrease in blood flow in the cavernous bodies. Thus, sclerotic changes in the vessels make erections difficult to achieve.

Age-related changes in the circulatory system are not the only factor that contributes to the occurrence of sexual health problems. During the medical examination, the physician can diagnose other health problems that promote the erectile dysfunction. Negative factors, which can aggravate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

• endocrine disorders: obesity, diabetes, thyroid disease, decreased testosterone levels in the blood or administration of hormonal drugs;
• neurologic damage: spinal trauma and/or spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, toxic neuropathy or cerebral circulatory disorders;
• psychiatric disorders: depression, anxiety, administration of psychostimulants (antidepressants, tranquilizers), frequent psycho-emotional stress, alcohol or smoking.

Like any other disease, the erectile dysfunction is easier to cure at the initial stage. If the disease is diagnosed in time, men can completely get rid of sexual life problems, subject to a correct determination of a right course of action for erectile dysfunction treatment.

A necessary condition for a successful elimination of sexual problems is a set of therapeutic and diagnostic measures, aimed at eliminating the causes, and not the erectile dysfunction symptoms.