Erectile dysfunction pumps for sale

Erectile dysfunction pumps are some of the first means that have been used for treatment of erectile disorders. If you experience such disorders, try a vacuum therapy. Despite the apparent simplicity, this type of treatment is much more effective than some men expect.

Currently, there are hundreds of different erectile dysfunction pumps for sale. Today, you can find simple hand-held devices or motorized systems with electronic control.

Nevertheless, all vacuum constriction devices have three main components:

  • Cylinder, in which the penis is placed.
  • Pump – to create a low air pressure.
  • Tension band – to hold the blood in cavernous body.

These components are rarely the only things in a kit with erectile dysfunction pumps. Kits for sale may include DVD-video training, instruction manual, lubricant, battery pump, cylinders and tension bands of different sizes.

Different modifications of erectile dysfunction pumps have identical mechanism of action and sequence of using the device:

  • The penis is placed into the cylinder hole of the vacuum pump.
  • The air is removed from the cylinder until a needed pressure.
  • Low pressure is created and cavernous bodies are passively filled with the blood.
  • The penis increases in size, it becomes hard and erect.
  • Tension band is set at the penis base.
  • Cylinder pressure is equalized to atmospheric.
  • After sexual intercourse, tension band is removed.

Effectiveness of erectile dysfunction pumps is comparable to that of erectile dysfunction treatment pills (e.g., Viagra or Cialis). The vast majority of men (80%-90%) are satisfied with the results of using vacuum erection devices.

Vacuum therapy is not only effective, but also safe treatment method of erection problems. The doctor’s prescription is not required to buy such devices. Erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale at pharmacies and in usual stores.

However, erectile dysfunction pumps may cause side effects especially if they are misused. Prolonged exposure of excessively low air pressure on the penis tissues may cause small hematomas.

Most vacuum constriction devices have a valve, which automatically operates when a big difference between pressure inside the tube and atmospheric pressure is created. Use of such devices minimizes risk of hematomas and other side effects.

Before to buy a favorite model of erectile dysfunction pumps, ensure that it is equipped with an automatic valve. These penis vacuum pumps can have manual and automatic valves.

Today, you can find a variety of erectile dysfunction pumps for sale. Price of vacuum constriction devices depends on model and place of purchase.

  • Price of the most simple hand pumps makes $ 15.
  • Price of automatic ED pumps varies from $ 80 to $ 500.

Price of one Viagra 100mg pill is several times higher than that of the most simple vacuum erection devices in the United States. Price of small packaging of Viagra is the same as that of the most expensive erectile dysfunction pumps.

One Viagra pill causes erection only once or several times within 4 hours after intake. Erectile dysfunction pumps work for many years. Some manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their products.

Today, there are many places where erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale. However, the main sales of vacuum devices are carried out online. This is connected with the fact that:

  • Many men are shy to buy erectile dysfunction pumps personally.
  • Online pharmacies offer a wide range of vacuum constriction devices and low prices.

Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, and other online stores offer the best prices on erectile dysfunction pumps. On web sites of online stores, you can also:

  • Read men’s reviews, who used ED pumps;
  • Find out what brands are leading;
  • Select the best-selling vacuum constriction devices;
  • Ask any questions by email.

Today it is very easy to choose ED pump that is best suitable for you. The best erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale on the first page of online store.

If you selected the pump model, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • Add selected ED pump in the basket
  • Specify the country and delivery address
  • Choose a delivery method
  • Choose a payment method
  • Pay the order

Standard delivery of erectile dysfunction pumps in the USA makes 4-5 working days. If the order price will exceed $ 30-40, the delivery can be free.

If you choose fast shipping, additional fee is charged. You pay about $ 15-20 for shipping and get the chosen erectile dysfunction pump within one day.

Today, erectile dysfunction pumps are available for sale for every taste. You can choose low-cost hand pumps or modern devices with a rechargeable battery.