Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

It is not a secret that the relationships between partners are made up of interpersonal, psychological, and sexual relations. If between partners spiritual affinity is not found, they will be very hard to achieve a harmonious sexual relationships. Given that sexual activity of man and woman is closely interconnected with psychological health, in the lack of harmonious relationships a sexual disorder may occur in one or both partners.

It is noteworthy that women can hide the presence of sexual dysfunction from their partner for many years. They can lead an active sexual life even in the absence of sexual desire to the partner. Unlike women, men are much more difficult to hide sexual dysfunction. Because, its main sign is ED in which a man loses the ability to have sexual act.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common forms of male sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in men who are unable to achieve and (or) to maintain erection, needed for satisfactory sexual act.

It should be noted that organic form of erectile dysfunction is most often diagnosed in elderly men. Cause of inability to achieve erection in adulthood is psycho-emotional disorder.

The most unfavorable factors, contributing to the development of psychological erectile dysfunction are: tense relations between sexual partners, stress, chronic fatigue, troubles, traumatic events, depression, unsuccessful first sexual experience, fear of get infected with diseases.

Diagnosis of psychological Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Diagnosis of psychological erectile dysfunction is carried out in several stages. Diagnosis of ED implies a medical consultation in order to determine the duration of erectile dysfunction, causes of its development and rate of symptoms development.

If erectile dysfunction is caused by anxiety and depressive disorders, the diagnosis of psychological erectile dysfunction is carried out together with psychotherapist. Psychological erectile dysfunction signs are the following:

* sudden onset of erectile dysfunction;
* episodic erection disorders;
* spontaneous erection during the sleep or in the morning;
* erection occurrence during sexual stimulation of the penis and weakening of erection while trying to have sexual act;
* selective onset of erection (erection is achieved only in certain situations or with specific sexual partner).

If one or several signs mentioned above are determined in men, he may be diagnosed with psychological erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of psychological ED

Main method of psychological ED treatment is psychotherapy. It is aimed at the elimination the reason of anxiety and fear of sexual intercourse. During psychotherapy sessions a man is convinced that he is able to have sexual act and the erection disorder has a temporary character. Both partners can take part in psychotherapy sessions depending on the severity of psychological erectile dysfunction and causes of its development. Duration of erectile dysfunction psychotherapy may vary from a few weeks up to several months.

To a man could lead an active sexual life in the period of psychotherapy, he can be prescribed a medical therapy. Men with diagnosed psychological erectile dysfunction can be prescribed oral, intracavernous or intraurethral therapy.

Intraurethral therapy involves an administration into urethra transurethral micro-suppository, containing an active pharmaceutical ingredient Alprostadil. Just 10 minutes after the administration of micro-suppository Alprostadil, a man’s ability to achieve erection is restored. However, an hour after the administration of micro-suppository Alprostadil, erection again disappears.

At pharmaceutical market transurethral micro-suppository Alprostadil is available for sale, as well as Alprostadil injections. After the administration of intracavernosal injection Alprostadil, erection is achieved within a few minutes. Herewith, duration of pharmacological effect of Alprostadil injections does not exceed one hour.

One of the most demanded treatment methods of psychological erectile dysfunction is concluded in the use of drugs, possessing peripheral and central mechanism of action. The most effective drugs for ED treatment are phosphodiesterase inhibitors sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil and Avanafil.

Each of these drugs restores erection an hour after oral use (on the average). However, the pharmacological effect of phosphodiesterase inhibitors lasts significantly longer than that of micro-suppository and injections Alprostadil. For example, after the use of Sildenafil, Vardenafil or Avanafil drugs an ability to achieve erection is maintained at least 4 hours and after Tadalafil use – within 36 hours.

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