Erectile dysfunction exercises

Erection problems occur in men at different ages and are often the consequence of stressful situations, anxiety, excess weight and lack of exercises. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may develop gradually and manifest in the form of various symptoms, including:

  • decreased interest in sex;
  • lack of spontaneous erection;
  • insufficient hardness of penis.

A man may need a significant change in his lifestyle to improve the sexual health and prevent ED. First, it is necessary a good rest at night, walking in the fresh air and moderate physical activity.

Special exercises that you can do at home help to achieve the optimal muscle tone improving your potency. Some hip joint exercises improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and are a good prevention of erectile dysfunction.

Daily exercises can help any man not only improve blood circulation in the penis areas, but also lose excess weight, which is one of the ED reasons.

There are many different exercises improving erectile dysfunction in men, among which are the following:

Exercise 1:
Stand up straight with your arms down along the body. Walk on the spot, lifting your knees as high as possible. Try to press your knees to your stomach.
Exercise 2:
In the supine position, bend your legs in the knees so that your feet fully touch the floor, and your hands should lie on the floor along the body. Slowly raise and lower the pelvis.
Exercise 3:
Straighten your back and bend your knees slightly, then run on the spot. This exercise should be performed within a few minutes at a rapid pace.
Exercise 4:
Sit on a chair, straighten your shoulders, compress and completely relax the buttocks muscles for a few minutes. Do this exercise several times a day.

Try to do these exercises regularly, gradually increasing the load and you can feel the positive effect of this method for improving potency after a week. Yoga, as an exercise for patients with ED, also helps many men (lotus position provides a blood supply to gluteal muscles and pelvic organs).

Depression and stress can also be the causes of erectile dysfunction, however regular exercises, such as swimming release endorphins in the brain increasing the mood and stimulating sex hormones.

If diseases of the cardiovascular system cause problems with your erection, make regular walks in the fresh air, which will help in treating erectile dysfunction by improving the heart function.