Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Erectile Dysfunction Pump: How It Works

The VCD (or vacuum contriction device) is the most popular type of erectile dysfunction pump available. The device consists of an acrylic cylinder with an erectile dysfunction pump attached directly to the end of the male penis.

A constriction ring or band is put on the cylinder at the pump’s other end is applied to the penis. The cylinder is used to create a vacuum to assist the penis become erect – the band (sometimes constriction ring) is applied to help maintain erection in males.

When to use erectile dysfunction pump

If you want to increase member, but want to avoid surgery, then you have a lot of modern and effective methods of penis enlargement without surgery. One of the most common is the use of an erectile dysfunction pump.

Erectile dysfunction pump is a special medical device allowed by the FDA that acts like a vacuum pump to achieve penis enlargement. The effect is achieved by means of severe exposure of the erectile dysfunction pump on the penis, by stretching the tissue of genitals with the short-term blood flow. Cavernous body in the trunk of a penis stretches, which means that the flow of blood during an erection will be even more intense and penis size slowly increases.

Erectile dysfunction pump simulates an erection, being useful not only for penis enlargement, but also to improve its properties in the excited state. Erectile dysfunction pump used for penis enlargement makes the erect penis more elastic and firm, that helps to get much more pleasure from sex.

Who should use erectile dysfunction pump

Erectile dysfunction pump will also help those men who suffer from congenital or acquired curvature of the penis, as well as Peyronie’s disease. Use a pump as a treatment if the angle of curvature of no more than 45% from the horizontal axis. Erectile dysfunction pump can be effective in the treatment of serious diseases such as prostatitis (including chronic), the neural dysfunction of the urinary channel, adenoma and impotence. The positive effect of erectile dysfunction pump is due to the outflow of venous blood and its influx into the tissue of the penis. During the flow of blood in the tissue receives a large amount of oxygen that has a beneficial effect on the state of the penis.

Improperly used erectile dysfunction pump’s technique can be quite traumatic, and if you are new to penis enlargement, it is better to buy an extender or learn the exercises. But if you are engaged in a long time, erectile dysfunction pump can be a good complement (but not the main tool) to your program, so I will tell about the method of its application in more detail.

Pump was originally proposed as a means of prevention with a weak erection. Only recently such erectile dysfunction pumps added to the list of their indication penis enlargement. However, the majority of pumps are proposed for achieving better erections not for penis enlargement. Be careful when ordering one of erectile dysfunction pumps online – check the list of its indications.

Pros of using erectile dysfunction pumps:

  • Application of any erectile dysfunction pump causes an increase in size of the penis, although this happens very slowly.
  • Provides improved erections without excessive pressure and the time of application, otherwise the pump may impair erection.
  • It is well suited for elderly people;
  • Gives the immediate effect of penis enlargement;
  • After the first use of the pump, you can receive instant visual effect of penis enlargement by about 10%.
  • Pumps are very easy to use. Examine the application’s leaflet before using the pump.

Things to consider before using erectile dysfunction pump

Preheat the tissue of the penis, making them more flexible before applying the erectile dysfunction pump. For this purpose use warm water or within a few minutes stretch your penis. It is recommended to do “jelqing” – about 100 times before starting to use an erectile dysfunction pump. After the exercise the penis becomes swollen, it will strengthen the effect of the pumping.

To ensure a good effect from using the pump, lubricate the penis and its base with proper lubricant or grease. Do not use oily lubricant, if your pump has a rubber or silicone base. Do not lubricate the scrotum that it is not sucked into the cylinder.

Put the cylinder on the penis by gently rotating the cylinder in until the grease is distributed to the base pump, then check for leaks after a few strokes of the pump. If the leak is not – you need to add oil or grease or shave the pubic hair. If short hair pubis is unacceptable to you – you can try using more grease.

How to enlarge your penis with erectile dysfunction pump

One training per day (15 minutes) – slowly release the pressure in the erectile dysfunction pump up to level 3 (3 inches Hg) to gauge the pump. Hold this pressure level for 10 minutes, then the pressure can be reduced by 1-2 inches if it does not cause pain, stinging and other discomfort. Then slowly raise the pressure to 0, preferably after using the pump you need during few minutes massage the penis.

Take a warm shower or bath; this will restore the blood flow to the penis after using the pump.

During the application of the pump, frequency and severity of its mechanism should be increased. If erection became lethargic, you have no morning erection – it means you are doing something wrong with using the pump. These signs should alert you and you must immediately visit a doctor.