Erectile dysfunction symptoms

There are a number of signs of deterioration in sexual health, which should be an occasion for consultation with a specialist. Patients of different age categories may experience the following erectile dysfunction symptoms:

  • quick ejaculation;
  • lack of morning erection;
  • inability to achieve an erection;
  • erection is too mild for sexual intercourse;
  • erection occurs slowly and too brief for a sexual intercourse.

If a man rarely experiences erection problems, doctors recommend not to worry about, because various factors can promote a temporary impotence, for example severe fatigue or sleep disorders.

After prescribing laboratory tests and special types of examination, the doctor can establish the true cause of erectile dysfunction. Symptoms of sexual disorder may indicate the presence of other diseases in the patient with ED because of which he should visit other specialists as well.

Erectile dysfunction symptoms often indicate not only urological problems, but also other health problems. Therefore, complex diagnostics of various systems and organs of the body can be prescribed.

Erectile problems are often a symptom of some mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

When the patient’s age exceeds 40 years, erectile dysfunction is most often a symptom of violations of the body’s most basic functions, such as:

  • endothelial dysfunction;
  • problems of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Erectile dysfunction may occur several years before the onset of the first serious symptoms of the heart, brain or pancreas disease. Therefore, it is very important to determine the causes of erectile dysfunction on time and eliminate these factors. The result will be not only improvement in the heart function or other organ, but also improved sexual function.

Many experts point out that if a person has sexual dysfunction, this can be a sign of various blood vessel disorders, including peripheral vascular disease. Patients with ED are often diagnosed with coronary artery disease and the erectile dysfunction symptoms may occur at a young age in the presence of such illness.

When the patient has such a vascular disease as atherosclerosis, sometimes he can detect it only after the occurrence of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Steal syndrome, which contributes to the erection weakening because of the increased blood flow to the gluteal muscles, may also cause ED symptoms.

Symptoms of cardiac ischemia may completely absent in most men, but if erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, this can help to identify the heart problems and start their treatment. A patient with heart problems can alleviate the erectile dysfunction symptoms using Levitra no more than 10 mg per day, half an hour before the sexual act.