Erectile dysfunction cure stories

Erectile dysfunction – is not a chronic, but treatable disease! Numerous erectile dysfunction cure stories indicate that complex of diagnostic and treatment measures helps to restore sexual health of almost every man.

Most men, who tell their erectile dysfunction cure stories, write that sexual function is restored slowly over time. A single dose of a medication or dietary supplement can provide a stable erection for one sexual intercourse. However, for a full restoration of sexual health, time is required.

Many men do not only share their real erectile dysfunction cure stories, but also give practical advice to solve sexual health problems. Men, who experience problems with sexual function, should not focus their attention on this issue.

Before choosing one or another way to increase potency, a man should first change his lifestyle. Recommendations for men, who want to restore sexual health:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • ensure yourself a good rest;
  • do not expose yourself to stressful situations;
  • avoid strenuous physical activity, especially in the evening;
  • limit consumption of alcohol and caffeine-containing beverages.

The vast majority of men, whose erectile dysfunction cure stories can be found in numerous blogs, left reviews on successful use of PDE5 inhibitors – Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

PDE5 inhibitors firmly hold the first place among drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Such drugs as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are widely used in the USA. Efficacy of PDE5 inhibitors in restoration of sexual function is confirmed by many clinical trials.

Not all erectile dysfunction cure stories indicated benefits of using PDE5 inhibitors. After using Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, some men were disappointed; these drugs did not help them in recovery of erectile function.

One of the reasons for ineffectiveness of PDE5 inhibitors is their misuse. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra do not work without sexual stimulation. Therefore, inefficiency of PDE5 inhibitors in most men is caused by such factors as:

  • incorrectly selected dose;
  • improper use of sexual stimulation;
  • insufficient time interval between the drug intake and an attempt to have a sexual act.

Use of oral medications is not the only way to solve sexual problems. Besides drug therapy, there are also other methods for treating erectile dysfunction:

  • intracavernous injections;
  • intraurethral administration of drugs;
  • local decompression therapy;
  • surgical treatment.

Not so many erectile dysfunction cure stories can be found on forums that are reported that intracavernous injections helped men restore sexual function. This method of treatment is aimed at restoration of adequate blood supply in the blood vessels of the penis and is to increase blood flow in the cavernous bodies.

A thought of injection administration into the penis causes a persistent rejection in the majority of men. However, contrary to fears, injections are almost painless, since cavernous bodies of the penis are not sensitive. The only thing that a man can feel during the injection – the moment of penetration of a thin needle through the skin.

Efficiency of intraurethral pharmacotherapy in treating erectile dysfunction is lower than that of intracavernous injections. However, there are many erectile dysfunction cure stories by means of Muse drug for intraurethral administration.

Some erectile dysfunction cure stories are reported that a man manages to restore erectile function after surgery or after using local decompression therapy. Nevertheless, despite their effectiveness, non-pharmacological methods of potency recovery are not as popular as drug therapy.

Regardless of method to restore potency you choose, you should not rely solely on erectile dysfunction cure stories. Effectiveness of one or another treatment method of the disease varies from person to person. Therefore, before to start erectile dysfunction treatment, you should consult your doctor.