Chinese herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction

Treatment of sexual dysfunctions based on traditional Chinese concepts has developed over several thousand years, during which huge progress has been made. Now, you also may join the traditional Chinese medicine, and choose from a variety of methods for solving male sexual problems.

Theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine is based on achieving harmony between opposing forces: yin and yang. The use of Chinese herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction treatment will get you rid of the yin and yang imbalance and will help you regain confidence in bed.

Men who want to not only get rid of the erectile dysfunction symptoms, but also to cure this disease, may use a variety of Chinese herbal remedies.


Fo-Ti is a perennial plant, also known as Fallopia multiflora, originally growing in China and is now cultivated in many countries around the world. Powder or the roots extract of this plant has many medicinal properties, including use for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Chinese herbal products, containing Fo-Ti, relax the walls of blood vessels and increase blood flow in the pelvic area. Due to the increased blood flow, man achieves an erection sufficient for a sexual intercourse.

Fo-Ti has a mild stimulating effect, which increases the performance in the bedroom. Fo-Ti is also used as a means for longevity, so herbal products, containing this plant, are recommended for older men, who experience difficulty with erections.

Schisandra chinensis

Schisandra chinensis plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and offers many advantages for men, experiencing poor sexual stamina.

Men are often experiencing severe stress, which may cause the erectile dysfunction. Chinese herbal products, containing Schisandra chinensis, will quickly and safely get you rid of such problems.

Based on an ancient set of practices from China, it is fair to say that regular consumption of Schisandra chinensis is an effective drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment, as well as for:

  • Body relaxation.
  • Enhancement of sexual strength and stamina.
  • Increase in the production of sexual fluids.
  • Relief of sexual fatigue.

It should be noted that the extracts of various parts of Schisandra chinensis plant are included in many Chinese herbal remedies. Extracts from the berries of Schisandra chinensis are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Tribulus Terrestris

If erectile dysfunction is associated with low sexual desire, you can also use Chinese herbal remedies. Tribulus Terrestris is perfect for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, caused by low libido.

  • Traditional Chinese medicine says that regular consumption of Tribulus Terrestris increases male sexual potency.
  • Recent clinical studies have shown that Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels.

Testosterone plays a decisive role in the social life of man and his libido. Therefore, namely the level of this hormone is being checked in the first place, when a man goes through the sexual problems diagnostication.

Chinese herbal products that contain Tribulus Terrestris can help you quickly and safely increase testosterone levels and increase your sexual desire. For these purposes, you can use extracts of Tribulus Terrestris leaves or fruits.

It should be noted that testosterone is responsible for many male characteristics. Therefore, when the level of this hormone reaches a normal level, men become more attractive to women.

One study showed that the use of Tribulus Terrestris increases the production of nitric oxide. The same principle of operation is used in the medical treatment of erectile difficulties (for example, when taking Viagra). Therefore, Tribulus Terrestris helps men, who have erectile dysfunction, which is not associated with low libido.

Other Chinese herbal remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Treatment of difficulties with erection, based on the Chinese traditional concept, involves the use of hundreds of different plants and animal resources. If it is difficult for a man to choose one of them, he may use combined products.

Most Chinese herbal remedies for the treatment of sexual and reproductive dysfunction are combined and include up to several tens of extracts nutrients. These herbal remedies are effective and most importantly safe, due to which they are available without a prescription.

Chinese herbal remedies for the domiciliary treatment of erectile dysfunction will return you the harmony of yin and yang. Today, these products are used by millions of people, being a real blockbuster among the means for maintaining and restoring sexual health.