Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common diseases, associated with violation of sexual function in men. According to epidemiological data, erectile dysfunction is observed in more than 55% of male population, aged 45 to 75 years.

Causes of sexual disorders are diversified. In fact, erectile dysfunction is connected to many factors, increasing the risk of disease, for instance, age, overweight, high blood pressure, too much alcohol, atherosclerosis, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and type 2 diabetes.

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction

Organic (physical) causes of erectile dysfunction are often associated with traumas or some brain disease, damaged intervertebral discs, surgery and low level of hormones (like testosterone).

The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are cardiovascular diseases. Sexual disorders may develop during drug treatment of some diseases, for instance, when using some hypotensive drugs, antidepressants, luteinizing hormone or its generic versions.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are different: lack of erection, poor erection, inability to maintain a prolonged and stable erection. Signs of organic erectile dysfunction are the lack of night and morning spontaneous erections.

In organic disorders, the symptoms do not show up immediately and may get worse over time. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by organic causes, yet emotional components are also involved.

Psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction

Until recently, people believed that sexual disorders were caused by psychological causes mostly. However, the latest studies have confirmed that in 20% of men, sexual disorders were caused by emotional factors.

Elements of psychogenic erectile dysfunction are:

  • Conscious desire to avoid sexual arousal
  • Depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue
  • Fear of disability to have sexual intercourse
  • Lack of sexual interest to a partner

Psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction in men over 40 years old may differ from those younger men have. For young men, obsessive-compulsive syndrome and phobia are typical causes; while for men of 40 depressive disorders are the main cause of sexual dysfunction.

The symptoms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be the lack or a rapid loss of erection. Men are afraid that they will not be able to satisfy their partners, and it leads to failure in bed.

Such pathologies occur due to stressful atmosphere at work, self-dissatisfaction, discomfort being with the partner, etc. Psychogenic disorders may be a result of fear of unwanted pregnancy of the partner or sexually transmitted diseases.

Still, stress is the main factor, forming psychogenic disorders. If a man has some psychological problems with potency, it is a mistake to pretend that everything will be OK. Both organic and psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction rarely disappear on their own; on contrary, they require a timely treatment.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Usually, treatment of erectile dysfunction begins with psychological therapy. Sometimes doctors prescribe medications to improve potency. These medications improve the erectile function during sexual arousal and men can have sexual intercourse.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is cured when a man starts feeling his male sexual power again and specific ED causes disappear. After this, men can stop using medications, since they will not need them anymore.

Please keep in mind that sexual partner plays an important role in the treatment. If a woman is understands and supports her sexual partner, then he will get rid of these difficulties much faster.

Phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5) are used for effective treatment of erectile dysfunction most of the time. The most popular medication of this type is Viagra. Cialis, and Levitra are well known too.

You can buy drugs to improve potency under the original trade names or international nonproprietary names. Generic drugs of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are as effective as brand drugs, yet can be cheaper.

Usually, medications for erectile dysfunction treatment come in the form of pills for oral intake. Different doses are used for the treatment of mild, moderate and severe erectile dysfunction. The recommended time of use – 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The choice of the listed drugs depends on the number of sexual acts and ED causes as a rule. However, the cost of erectile dysfunction therapy is important as well. In the last few years, more and more of cheap generic drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment have been supplied from India.

History of use of PDE-5 became a good example of how an invention of new medications can affect the development of sexual medicine. They already helped millions of men to regain confidence in bed, regardless of ED causes.