How diets affect the erectile function

How diets affect the erectile function

Malnutrition is one of the factors that provoke erectile dysfunction in men. If a man has sexual health issues, he should not hurry to take medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. To solve the problems with potency, it is sometimes enough to change lifestyle, for example, observe a healthy nutrition plan.

Before you know, how to cure ED naturally and permanently, you need to figure out how unhealthy diet affects the sexual health of men.

To achieve an erection, the penis should receive a large amount of blood after the excitation. If the inner lining of the blood vessels is damaged, for example, due to consumption of excess amounts of saturated fats (trans fats), arteries partially lose their ability to expand.

Long-term consumption of saturated fats promotes narrowing of the arterial lumen, loss of the walls elasticity, which ultimately leads to disruption of blood supply to the penis. Synthetic foods, high in saturated fats (for example, margarine or milk formulas) impair vascular health and increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Other foods that can cause impotence:

• fast food
• canned food and semi-finished products
• carbonated and energy drinks
• products that contain a lot of sugar

Furthermore, coffee and caffeine-containing drinks also exert adverse impact on sexual function. Coffee excites the parasympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the ejaculation. Therefore, long-term and excessive intake of caffeine-containing drinks contributes to the development of premature ejaculation symptoms.

An erroneous opinion that meat products provide a positive effect on the erectile function is very popular among men. In fact, the consumption of meat improves the indicators of sexual compulsivity, but has no effect on the erection achievement.

To cure the erectile dysfunction, men need to eat foods that contain all vitamins and minerals, important for sexual health. The nutrition of a patient with erectile dysfunction should include cottage cheese, fish, eggs, seafood, nuts, fruits, vegetables, as well as pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Compliance with a healthy nutrition plan is not always enough to cure erectile dysfunction. Dietary supplements, which contain Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorus, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (Omega- 3), Vitamin C, Lycopene or Arginine, can enhance the positive impact of healthy nutrition on the male sexual health.

Thus, through adhering to an individualized prescribed nutrition plan, men can cure erectile dysfunction naturally at home, without the aid of drugs. Prolonged adherence to dietary guidelines, associated with importance of healthy eating, improves sexual health and eliminates interpersonal problems, caused by erectile dysfunction.

While keeping to a diet plan, men are not recommended to consume alcohol-containing drinks. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Diet and exercise contribute to a gradual restoration of sexual health.