Erectile dysfunction

The term erectile dysfunction (ED) urologists understand the condition in which it is impossible to achieve or maintain such degree of erection of the penis, which allows conducting a sexual act, to satisfy the sexual activity. Thus under erectile dysfunction understand arising sporadically or constantly repeating condition.

This delicate problem can occur at any age. According to statistics, about two out of ten adult men suffer from this ailment. And in men over the age of 60 years, erectile dysfunction occurs in 30% of cases. Many people, faced with this problem, do not rush to the doctor; they try to treat erectile dysfunction at home and by people’s methods that do not help, and in some cases even promote the progression of the disease.

You should always keep in mind that modern medicine has a lot of possibilities.

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Every adult person has his own temperament. Someone has a lot of sexual desires, but someone has no them at all. It often happens that the desire is present, but forces are not enough. “Erectile dysfunction” – is diagnosed by doctors.

According to ancient manuscripts, in which there are recipes to strengthen the desire, we can come to conclusion that the problem of impotence old as the world. Departed twentieth century did a true gift to humanity: it was opened a whole group of substances that can enhance and prolong a man’s erection.

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