Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Usually the common causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) are diabetes type 2 and arterial hypertension. Annually growing number of diagnosed erectile dysfunction and diabetes requires understanding of interconnection and etiopathogenetic mechanisms of these two illnesses.

Most often erectile dysfunction pathogenesis in men with diabetes is mixed. It means that with diabetes erectile dysfunction causes can be psychogenic, vasculogenic and (or) neurogenic risk factors.

Some facts prove the assumption that vascular and neurological disorders cause erectile dysfunction in men who suffer from diabetes. First of all, diabetes contributes to metabolic disorders that become the reason of destruction of endothelial and angiopathy. Angiopathy causes ischemic neuropathy, providing:

* pathologic changes in penile arteries;
* decreased sensitivity of the vegetative nervous system;
* decreased number of the nerve endings in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

Statistics testifies that risk of erectile dysfunction not only depends on duration of diabetes, but severity of metabolic disorders as well. When diabetes mellitus is characterized by hyperlipidemia and uncontrolled glycemia, the probability of erectile dysfunction increases by several times.

* Most often erectile dysfunction occurs if diabetes is associated with atherosclerotic vascular disease, nephropathy, retinopathy and (or) neuropathy.
* So the probability of violated mechanism of erection increases, during intensive insulin therapy, consumption of alcohol or usage of potent medicines.
* The lowest risk of erectile dysfunction occurs when effective metabolic control is achieved by means of diet only.

Noteworthy that erectile dysfunction can become the first symptom of diabetes. The thing is that multiple clinical studies demonstrate that namely when erectile dysfunction is diagnosed, it reveals violated metabolism of carbohydrates and glucose tolerance in some men.

Despite the fact that organic factors have direct impact on the development of erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes, the inability to achieve erection may be also caused by depressive disorder.

Special place in pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction takes arterial hypotension. Because namely arterial hypotension associated with diabetes type I and type II may cause severe erectile dysfunction. Often erectile dysfunction with diabetes is caused by medications for treatment of arterial hypertension (antihypertensive drugs) but not by the disease itself.

Timely diagnosis and adequate treatment may help to prevent severe erectile dysfunction, as well as significantly improve sexual life of men. In modern practical urology, erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes mellitus can be cured by different drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment.
These are for example, Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil and Alprostadil. All these erectile dysfunction drugs were approved by the FDA and can be prescribed for men with diabetes. It also involves men who take antidiabetic drugs (like diuretics, antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycemic drugs and insulin).

Alprostadil is among few drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, which is not prescribed for oral use. Intracavernosal route of administration is used for Alprostadil injections, but micro-suppositories Alprostadil are injected into urethra. The advantage of drug Alprostadil is that erectile dysfunction is restored in several minutes after its use. But Alprostadil helps to achieve and maintain good erection for 60 minutes only.

Oral drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are the most convenient to use and many men choose namely these kind of pills. The advantage of erectile dysfunction drugs is that they help man to express his sexual activity throughout 4 and more hours. So the most effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is Tadalafil (trade name Cialis) helps to achieve erection within 36 hours after oral administration.

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