Testosterone Pills for Men

All to Know About Testosterone Pills for Men

Testosterone pills for the treatment of different sexual disorders in males are commonly prescribed by healthcare providers in a case a person needs to fulfill the insufficient amount of the steroid hormone testosterone.  Let’s consider the main properties and advantages of using testosterone pills for men.

Basic information about testosterone pills for men

Testosterone is an androgen steroids synthesized in the body of men and women. In men, testosterone body performs multiple functions, one of those is to influence the sexual activity of men.

Testosterone deficiency in the male body causes low libido and erectile dysfunction leading to complete lack of sexual desire and impotence. Also low testosterone levels impact on But the first symptoms of testosterone deficiency is chronic fatigue and lack of physical activity.

Men with testosterone deficiency are prescribed with androgen replacement therapy, the daily intake of therapeutic doses of testosterone. To cure severe androgen insufficiency, doctors prescribe the injection-therapy in general. But if testosterone imbalance is minor or mild in the man’s body, in this case testosterone pills for men can be assigned.

Before using testosterone pills for men at first a person has to make sure that the androgen insufficiency symptoms were caused by the lack of testosterone. To confirm the presumptive diagnosis, one must pass laboratory and diagnostic tests. Only after determining the levels of testosterone, confirming the diagnosis of androgen insufficiency, a doctor may prescribe an optimal dose of testosterone pills for males.

Men over 18 years old should take testosterone pills for the treatment of hypogonadism that is the symptoms of such disorders as:

  • endocrine erectile dysfunction;
  • low libido and decreased sexual activity;
  • violation of spermatogenesis and male infertility.

Most natural and medical testosterone pills for men may be prescribed for the treatment of primary and secondary hypogonadism as well.

To treat androgen-insufficiency of the causes of osteoporosis, testosterone pills for men can be also included in combination therapy of the disease caused by multiple factors. To name few there are many testosterone pills for men on the market: Xenesis, T Male, VirMax, Extenze, and many others (some PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra or Cialis can also work as testosterone boosters).

Precautions for the use of testosterone pills for men

Children and adolescents under 18 years of age may take testosterone pills for men only after a prescription given by an urologist in rare cases, not on regular basis.

Women are contraindicated to take testosterone pills because they are only assigned for men (even on the terms women may have similar problems). As with the older men they are prescribed with minimal daily doses of testosterone tablets.

Regardless of the prescribed dose testosterone tablets should be taken no more than twice daily. Time intervals between the two doses of testosterone pills for men must be 12 hours minimum. Men should never chew or crush testosterone tablets before using them daily.

Suspected or confirmed breast and prostate cancer are among the few contraindications for testosterone pills for men. These men were diagnosed with hypersensitivity to the steroid hormone testosterone, should not take testosterone tablets.

Side effects of oral testosterone pills for men

If testosterone is taken in therapeutic doses, it rarely causes side effects. The most common side effect of testosterone is oily stools. However, this side effect in less than 10% of men, testosterone pills occurs.

Testosterone pills for men provoke nausea rare. But if the patient does not respect the prescribed dosage regimen, testosterone tablets can cause vomiting. In the event that testosterone tablets causes vomiting, which explains for an overdose, which requires immediate medical assistance.

The frequent side effect of testosterone pills for men irritation of the oral mucosa. Rarely testosterone pills cause bitter taste in the mouth, gum pain or tenderness and headaches.

The most common side effect of oral testosterone tablets is fatty stools. Testosterone tablets’ side effects occur rarely if to use the pills according to the leaflet’s instruction. It means that man to stop androgen therapy as soon as he noticed some side effects after using particular testosterone pills for men.