Distinctive features of Testosterone

It is known that testosterone is a male hormone, which stimulates the synthesis of protein, calcium storage in bones and increases the muscles. Testosterone hormone is responsible for regulation of sexual behavior. Therefore this hormone plays an important role in both male and female body. In the male body, testosterone is produced in testicles mostly, stimulating formation and growth of male sexual organs and forming libido and spermatozoa.

In the female body, testosterone hormone is mostly produced in ovaries. Furthermore, testosterone transforms into estrogen hormone in the mature follicle cells. In addition, testosterone is also produced by adrenal cortex. Excessive amount of testosterone in the female body affects reproductive function of the ovaries. This often provokes the appearance of secondary male sexual characteristics (such as growth of body hair).

In modern clinical practice Testosterone pills are prescribed for regulation of testosterone levels. These pills have androgenic and anabolic effect. Testosterone pills are prescribed for men in: delayed development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics, violated spermatogenesis, endocrine impotence, low libido, hypopituitarism and osteoporosis.

Distinctive features of Testosterone pills

Oral Testosterone pills are absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and their active ingredient penetrates into the blood, avoiding hepatic metabolism. In the blood plasma, testosterone turns into the active metabolite dihydrotestosterone.

Due to the fact that Testosterone pills don’t change the estrogen level in the body, there is no risk of gynecomastia during the hormone replacement therapy. Also important is that Testosterone pills cannot inhibit secretion of testosterone in testicles. Thus even the longest use of Testosterone pills cannot cause male infertility.

Despite the fact that Testosterone pills provide anabolic effect, they should not be taken for muscle growth.

*  First of all, testosterone is used as anabolic steroid in sports off-label.

*  Secondly, a significant anabolic effect can only be achieved by the help of Testosterone injections, but not oral Testosterone pills.

*  And third, in order to build up lean muscles quickly, Testosterone injections are only used in combination with other steroids injections (like Nandrolone).