Testosterone levels

To increase Testosterone levels, topical creams and gels, solutions for injections, oral tablets and capsules can be used. The rate of increasing Testosterone level depends on the mode of administration and dosage of Testosterone-containing drug.

  • Testosterone-containing gels

Dozens of gels containing Testosterone are available at the international market. You can buy these gels under the trade names: Androgel, Androlon, Androtop, Fortesta, Fortigel, Testim, Testogel, Testotop, Tostran, Vogelxo. These gels are used to increase Testosterone levels in men with congenital or acquired hypogonadism.

When using topical forms of Testosterone, circulating testosterone levels can be increased up to 300 – 1000 ng / dL. These are normal levels of Testosterone for healthy man.

Within two hours after applying Testosterone topical gel to the skin, refrain from bathing and showering. If you wash off Testosterone gel earlier than 2 hours after the application, Testosterone levels will not rise to the normal range.

Testosterone gel does not cause an excessive increase in Testosterone level and overdose. Therefore, the severity of side effects does not depend on the frequency of use and the daily dose of Testosterone gel.

  • Testosterone-containing solutions for injections

Despite the fact that Testosterone solution for injections is administered deep in the muscle, Testosterone levels in the body are increased gradually after the injections.

In the production of injectable steroids providing a prolonged anabolic effect, Testosterone ester or a combination of different Testosterone esters are used.

The uniqueness of esters is that they prevent a rapid absorption of Testosterone into the bloodstream, thereby not allowing a sharp increase of Testosterone levels in the blood plasma, tissues and organs. To increase Testosterone levels, different Testosterone esters can be used, such as:

  • Testosterone cipionate
  • Testosterone decanoate
  • Testosterone enantate
  • Testosterone heptylate
  • Testosterone isocaproate
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Testosterone propionate
  • Testosterone undecanoate
  • Testosterone undecylate

It is possible to increase Testosterone levels by means of various solutions for injections. You can buy Testosterone-containing solutions for injections under the trademarks Androtardyl, Aveed, Delatestryl, Depo-Testosterone, Nebido, PMS-Testosterone, Primoteston Depot, Reandron, Steri-Vial, Sustanon, Testex, Testosterone Depot, Testoviron Depot, Virormone.

Many of these drugs are used only in veterinary medicine or animal husbandry. Solutions for injections containing Testosterone can be prescribed only to men with Testosterone deficiency. In some countries, Testosterone solution for injections is prescribed to stop the progression of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Often, injectable anabolic drugs are used to increase Testosterone levels not for its intended purpose. High Testosterone levels in the body promote a rapid growth of muscle mass and muscle size. Thus, some athletes use Testosterone-containing solutions as doping.

Testosterone use as doping is prohibited. Therefore, if excessive Testosterone levels are detected in the blood, urine or hair of the athlete after doping test, he can be fined and disqualified.

Testosterone levels can also be increased without using Testosterone-containing drugs. Thus, professional athletes and their coaches should know:

  • What foods increase Testosterone levels
  • What bodybuilding supplements can affect Testosterone levels
  • How Testosterone levels are changed during intensive physical loads
  • How to control Testosterone levels in the body
  • How rapidly to increase Testosterone levels
  • How to avoid a sharp decrease of Testosterone levels
  • How often to check Testosterone levels
  • What symptoms occur in sharp increase or decrease of Testosterone levels

It should be noted that very low Testosterone levels are as dangerous to health as very high Testosterone levels.

  • Testosterone deficiency in a man’s body is a risk factor for infertility, erectile dysfunction and other pathologies requiring anabolic therapy.
  • Abnormally high Testosterone levels in the man’s body can be a risk factor for developing benign prostatic hyperplasia, hypertension, hematological disorders and other side effects, requiring immediate withdrawal of Testosterone-containing drug.

To increase Testosterone levels, in addition to solution for injections and gel, you can use: Striant SR buccal tablets, Testopel subcutaneous implants, Androderm transdermal delivery systems, Intrinsa, Livensa, Testostopatch, Testostopoise, Restandol oral capsules, Andriol, Arrow-Testosterone, Panteston, PMS-Testosterone, Taro- Testosterone, Undestor.

If you want to buy a drug to increase Testosterone levels in the body but have never taken Testosterone-containing drugs, make sure that they are not contraindicated to you.

If you decide to buy a drug to increase Testosterone level online without a prescription, make sure that powerful anabolic steroids can be delivered to your country before making the order.