Low sex drive in men

Low sex drive (or low libido) is one of the common male sexual dysfunctions. Low sex drive in men can be due to different causes. To increase low sex drive, it is necessary to know the cause of sexual dysfunction.

Men should not forget about the fact that sex drive may decrease due to several causes at once. Thus, if one of the methods of libido increase failed to increase sexual activity, alternative methods of improving the quality of sexual life should be used.

Furthermore, it should be realized that the causes of low sex drive in men differ from the causes of low sex drive in women. Therefore, methods of rapid increase in sex drive in men can be ineffective in women.

One of the common causes of low sex drive in men is the lack of motivation and lack of interest in sexual arousal and sexual life. Such sexual disorder most often arises in long-term relationships with the same sexual partner.

Herewith, the lack of motivation to sex combined with the absence of other sexual stimuli may not only reduce sex drive in men, but also cause erectile dysfunction.

Lack of motivation is a psychological reason for low sex drive in men. In addition, psychogenic factors of decreased interest in sex can be caused by psychological trauma, anxiety, depression.

The main feature of psychogenic causes of low sex drive in men is that a man can cope with them by himself. One more feature of psychogenic risk factors of reduced sex drive is that they usually occur in young men, and rarely in mature men.

If low sex drive in men is caused by psycho-emotional disorders, they should try to improve their mental status, and then their sex life will gradually normalize.

If low sex drive is caused by severe depression or anxiety, antidepressant therapy will be needed to improve mental status. It should be noted that low sex drive is one of the reversible side effects of many modern antidepressants.

Therefore, men who started taking antidepressants should not expect instant increase in sex drive and sexual activity. A man will be able to normalize his sex life only if he improves his mental health and stops taking antidepressants.

Besides antidepressants, other medications can also reduce sex drive in men. For example, one of the side effects of Phentermine diet pills is a change in libido. Given this fact, weight gain is one of the risk factors of reduced sex drive, so obese men taking Phentermine diet pills are at higher risk of reduced sex drive than obese men using non-drug methods of weight loss.

Sex drive can be reduced in obese men not because of excess weight, but because of obesity complications. For instance, low sex drive in men with high blood pressure or type 1 diabetes, occurs much more frequently than in obese men without hypertension and diabetes.

The complexity of increase libido in obese men is that causes of low sex drive can be both psychogenic and organic. Because of excess weight gain, men may develop an inferiority complex, but because of diabetes or hypertension, they may have erection problems.

In such cases, a man should try to improve self-esteem in order to improve low sex drive and to improve erection – he should use dietary supplements or drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Many men with normal and excess weight hold the view that the cause of low sex drive is a low level of Testosterone in the body. Testosterone deficiency can really reduce sex drive in men.

However, if the cause of sexual dysfunction is the low level of Testosterone, men should have other signs of androgen deficiency besides low sex drive.

The most common symptoms of Testosterone deficiency in the male body are as follows:

  • anxiety, irritability, sleep disorders, depression, sweating, decreased libido, decreased sexual activity, decreased muscle strength, decrease in bone density, decrease in hair growth.

Men diagnosed with androgen deficiency may require Testosterone-replacement therapy. For the treatment of androgen deficiency, oral, topical or injectable drugs containing Testosterone are used.

Low sex drive in men with normal testosterone level does not require Testosterone-replacement therapy. However, some men with low sex drive are convinced that Testosterone will help to improve their sex lives and use Testosterone-containing drugs off-label.

Healthy men with normal testosterone level and low sex drive should understand that synthetic analogs of Testosterone could cause serious side effects. Therefore, using Testosterone for another purpose than prescribed, they put their health at potential risks.

In order to quickly and safely increase the reduced sex drive, the man needs to know the cause of sexual dysfunction, and to choose the optimal method for increasing libido, which will not cause harm to his health.