Contraindications for use Testosterone

Testosterone is among the most important sex hormones, influencing on the sexual and reproductive function of men. In men, testosterone is synthesized mostly in testicles, penetrates into the blood, binds to beta globulins and circulates in the blood system.

In child’s body, testosterone takes part in the formation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Therefore it is necessary to determine testosterone level in the blood in boys with signs of delayed sexual development. In case of testosterone deficiency, one should start hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone imbalance has negative effect on sexual health of adult men as well. The thing is that the consequences of testosterone deficiency might be low libido and erectile dysfunction. Besides that, low level of testosterone suppresses spermatogenesis and men lose the ability to conceive a child.

For hormone replacement therapy doctors prescribe different dosage forms of testosterone, as for example oral pills, containing therapeutic doses of testosterone. In case the lack of steroid hormone testosterone caused one or several diseases at a time, Testosterone pills can be included into combination medical therapy.

Testosterone pills are produced in a wide spectrum of dosages, and thus men are prescribed with optimal daily dose, regardless of severity of hormonal disorder. The dosage range of Testosterone pills varies from 30 to 160mg. Herewith men an take both oral Testosterone pills and buccal pills.

It must be said that side effects of buccal and oral pills Testosterone differ. Oral Testosterone pills mostly provoke gastrointestinal side effects (e.g.: nausea, greasy stool). But in men, who are taking buccal Testosterone pills, the most common side effects are bitter taste and gum pain. Indications and contraindications are the same for oral and buccal Testosterone pills.

Contraindications for use of Testosterone pills

First of all, Testosterone pills should never be administered for hormone replacement therapy in women. Children under 18 yo can take Testosterone pills only if testosterone deficiency is a potential threat to normal development of the body. Also, Testosterone pills must not be taken by men with:

*  diagnosed hypersensitivity to the steroidal hormone testosterone;

*  diagnosed or suspected breast cancer or cancer of prostate gland;

*  severe hepatic insufficiency (including nephrosis).