Testosterone replacement therapy

Men with diagnosed Testosterone deficiency are prescribed with Testosterone replacement therapy. To increase Testosterone levels, drugs containing Testosterone or drugs containing Testosterone derivatives can be used.

In prolonged use of drugs increasing Testosterone levels, severe side effects may occur. Therefore, Testosterone replacement therapy should be a short.

The price of Testosterone replacement therapy depends on a type of used drugs and duration of their use. Drugs with powerful anabolic effect are more expensive than drugs with middle and low anabolic effect.

When using powerful anabolic drugs, Testosterone levels in the body are increased very quickly. However, a rapid increase of Testosterone level may contribute to severe side effects.

Therefore, drugs with moderate anabolic, androgenic and anti-catabolic effects are most often used for Testosterone replacement therapy.

For Testosterone replacement therapy, a doctor can write out a prescription for injectable, oral, transdermal or topical anabolic steroid.

Before receiving the prescription for anabolic steroid, medical examination is required to make sure that benefits of Testosterone replacement therapy exceed potential health risks.

  • What drugs can be used for Testosterone replacement therapy?

One of the FDA-approved synthetic derivatives of Testosterone is Oxandrolone. At the U.S. pharmacies, you can find oral tablets containing 2.5 and 10mg of anabolic agent – Oxandrolone. When Oxandrolone tablets used regularly within several months, Testosterone level in the body is normalized.

Simultaneously with the restoration of normal Testosterone level, Oxandrolone inhibits secretory functions of the hypothalamus, thereby suppressing the production of natural Testosterone.

After Oxandrolone cancellation, Testosterone level in the body will begin to decline. Therefore, just a few months after Oxandrolone use, repeated Testosterone replacement therapy can be required.

Oxandrolone can be prescribed for Testosterone replacement therapy in adolescents over 13 years old, adults and elderly. The daily dose and frequency of using Oxandrolone depend on the patient’s age and severity of androgen deficiency symptoms. If Oxandrolone was prescribed to a child, the duration of a course of Testosterone replacement therapy should not exceed 6 months.

Besides Oxandrolone-containing drugs, drugs containing Testosterone, Testosterone ester, or Testosterone esters blend can be prescribed for Testosterone replacement therapy.

These drugs are commercial available as buccal tablet, oral capsules, transdermal patch, solution for intramuscular injections.

Indications of most Testosterone-containing drugs are identical. Thus, the choice of Testosterone dosage form depends on general health, features of the disease and preferences of the patient.

In addition, individual reaction of the body and mode of Testosterone administration affect the choice of drug for Testosterone replacement therapy.

  • If oral capsules or buccal tablets are used for Testosterone replacement therapy, gastrointestinal side effects may occur. Therefore, it is better to prescribe transdermal patch or injectable anabolic steroid containing Testosterone in patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • In repeated administration of Testosterone intramuscular injections, inflammation of soft tissues, pain and discomfort may appear at the place of solution administration. In this case, discuss with your doctor the possibility to replace the injectable solution by oral or transdermal forms of Testosterone.
  • When transdermal patch regularly used, irritation, redness and itching may occur on the skin. If Testosterone patch causes severe skin side effects, it should be replaced by alternative drugs approved for Testosterone replacement therapy.

If you want to buy a drug for Testosterone replacement therapy at low price, you can find cheap Testosterone-containing drugs on online pharmacies. Before you purchase drugs for Testosterone replacement therapy online no RX, make sure that you have no contraindications to them.