Testosterone injections

Low level of testosterone affects the overall health condition of a man in a negative way and reduces the quality of his life. If a man is diagnosed with testosterone deficiency, physician can recommend him running hormone replacement therapy using testosterone injections.

Lack of testosterone lowers mood and performance, and can lead to serious mental and physical changes. Prescription of testosterone injections quickly increases the level of the this hormone in the body, which helps to raise motivation, endurance and energy level in men.

If you want to buy testosterone injections, you should know that there are short-acting and long-acting drugs.

  • Testosterone injections with a short-term action are introduced one or two times a month;
  • Testosterone injections with a long-term action are injected once every three months.

The benefits of long-acting injections are gradual release of testosterone into the blood without sudden fluctuations and, consequently, a lower probability of side effects. One of their main disadvantages is high cost.

Indication to the use of testosterone injections in men may serve such diseases, as primary hypogonadism (congenital or acquired) and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism.

Replacement therapy with testosterone injections should be considered as part of a comprehensive therapeutic program, which may also include changing eating habits and lifestyle, reducing weight and increasing physical activity.

Injections with testosterone can be prescribed to stimulate puberty in children and adolescents of male sex with clearly delayed puberty. The choice of the drug and the decision on the possibility of its use should be taken only by doctor.

Testosterone injections may sometimes be also used for hormone replacement therapy in women. Some drugs, such as, for example, Delatestryl, are used for the treatment of metastatic mammary cancer.

The course of treatment and dosage for testosterone injections are decided upon in an individual manner, depending on the body characteristics, the disease and the patient’s age.

You can get detailed information on the method of administering testosterone injections, dosage and side effects you can get from a doctor or by reading the instructions for the drug use.

These days, testosterone is widely used not only in medicine, but also in bodybuilding. Bodybuilders use testosterone injections for muscle building, thus increasing physical endurance and energy.

If you do sports in a gym and decide to buy testosterone injections for bodybuilding, you can order them online. Today, many online pharmacies offer high-quality testosterone injections for sale, which are used to increase muscle strength and reduce body fat mass.

Most bodybuilders prefer to order injections of testosterone in online pharmacies, because they provide the opportunity to quickly buy this steroid at an affordable price.

When choosing an online pharmacy that offers testosterone injections for sale, pay attention to how long does the delivery take, as well as to the customers’ reviews. Choose proven pharmacies that you can trust.