Testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a synthetic androgen, similar to natural testosterone. This drug is indicated for management of hypogonadism and other conditions associated with low testosterone level in men.

Testosterone is an essential hormone produced naturally in the body and plays a crucial role in development and maintenance of male sexual and reproductive functions. Symptoms of low testosterone may include:

  • Fatigue and indisposition
  • Decrease in the number of hair on the head and body
  • Loss of muscle strength and overall muscle mass
  • Gynecomastia – breast enlargement in men
  • Decrease in time of sexual intercourse

Testosterone cypionate has two different effects on the body. Androgenic effect of the drug develops secondary sexual characteristics and sexual organs. Anabolic effect of testosterone cypionate promotes formation and growth of muscle mass.

How to take Testosterone cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate is available for sale in the form of solution for injection. Solution of testosterone cypionate should be injected directly into muscle. During androgen therapy, testosterone level should be checked on a regular basis.

Testosterone cypionate drug is intended for treatment of low testosterone level in men older than 18 years. The initial recommended dosage is 50 to 200 mg of Testosterone cypionate once in 14 days. The maximum recommended dose is 400 mg of Testosterone cypionate every 2 weeks.

During androgen therapy, it is necessary to comply with the recommended dosing schedule. If intake of regular dose was missed, do not increase or take a double dose of testosterone cypionate.

Testosterone cypionate: adverse reactions

Side effects of testosterone cypionate are similar to side effects of other synthetic androgens (e.g., testosterone propionate or testosterone enanthate). Side effects of Testosterone cypionate and other synthetic hormones usually result from their androgenic properties.

Adverse reactions of testosterone cypionate may include nausea, abdominal pain, prolonged erection, lack, decrease or increase of libido, deterioration of liver function, retention of water and salts in the body, increased appetite and insomnia.

Side effects may depend on the route of drug administration. Testosterone cypionate is intended for intramuscular injections, so pain and redness at the injection site may occur.

More information

Testosterone cypionate therapy is aimed at restoration of testosterone level in the blood plasma and reduction of symptoms of androgen deficiency. Purpose of using testosterone cypionate is to improve well-being, quality of life, muscle mass, bone strength and sexual function.

Hypogonadism is more common among elderly men with obesity or poor health. The advantages of using testosterone cypionate is normalization of body weight in people with underweight or overweight.

Despite the fact that testosterone cypionate is indicated for treatment of men with low testosterone level, many athletes use this drug to increase muscle mass. Testosterone cypionate is used in the sport for a long time, and not just by men.

Use of testosterone cypionate increases the body’s ability to retain nitrogen – material to build muscle. However, testosterone cypionate is a hormonal drug; therefore, its overuse or misuse may have a negative impact on human health.

How is testosterone cypionate supplied?

Commonly, testosterone cypionate is supplied in glass bottles containing up to 10 ml of solution. Concentration of testosterone cypionate solution is 50mg/ml, 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml.

Suppliers of testosterone cypionate in Canada are pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Sandoz and SteriMax. The US residents can buy testosterone cypionate by more than seven pharmaceutical companies.