Testosterone Uses

Testosterone is an endogenous hormone, which regulates function of the prostate gland, testicles and seminal vesicles. Testosterone is the main hormone necessary for development of primary and secondary sex characteristics in men. Therefore testosterone deficiency in the boy’s body, may affect his sexual development. But the lack of testosterone in the body of an adult man, can cause violation of libido, erectile dysfunction and even infertility.

Men with testosterone deficiency can be diagnosed with different disorders, to cure which they might need hormonal replacement therapy. To restore the normal level of testosterone in the body, men are prescribed with drugs, containing testosterone. Such drugs are available in different dosage forms, like: injections, implants, gel, transdermal systems and oral pills. The easiest and convenient way of using testosterone is oral of course.

Considering the fact that testosterone imbalance in the body may cause dozens of disorders and states, Testosterone pills have wide spectrum of clinical use. Adult men older than 18 years old, can be prescribed with Testosterone pills for hormonal replacement therapy, if this lack was caused by:

*  endocrine erectile dysfunction;

*  reduced libido;

*  violated spermatogenesis;

*  male infertility;

*  lack of physical activity;

*  masculinization or hypopituitarism

In few cases, Testosterone pills are prescribed for men, who suffer from osteoporosis due to testosterone deficiency (only as combination therapy). Testosterone pills must not be prescribed for women, since they can cause the irreversible hormonal imbalance.

It has to be noted that many men take testosterone off-label. Most often testosterone is used in bodybuilding as endogenous hormone to increase the muscle growth. Testosterone does really stimulate muscles to grow faster. However, these are no Testosterone pills that are used in bodybuilding, but testosterone injections. More so, testosterone injections have anabolic effect only when they are taken along with other drugs.

Recommendations for use of Testosterone pills

Hormonal replacement therapy involves oral use of Testosterone pills, two times a day. Time interval between two intakes of Testosterone pills should be at least 12 hours.

Average daily dose of testosterone must be divided into two equal parts. If daily dose involves the use of an odd number of Testosterone pills, man has to take the major part of the dose in the morning. Do not chew, break or crush Testosterone pills. It is not recommended to chew, break or crush Testosterone pills.

Daily doses of testosterone vary 40mg to 160mg. Optimal amount of Testosterone pills that has to be taken prior restoration of hormonal balance, depends on the severity of hormonal disorder. Usually several weeks after the onset of hormonal replacement therapy, the number of Testosterone pills can be reduced gradually.