Testosterone gel

Modern and practical form of androgen therapy is use of testosterone gel. This is a relatively new opportunity of the treatment, which provides a stable hormone level.

Testosterone gel is used to manage delay of puberty and hypogonadism in men. The recommended schedule of gel use is once every 24 hours.

The gel application in the morning imitates the natural rhythm of testosterone secretion. Even if the body has completely lost the ability to produce testosterone, the gel is an effective substitute.

Testosterone gel penetrates the skin and increases testosterone level. Advantages of using testosterone gel are as follows:

  • Androgen level in the blood normalizes within 24 hours
  • A stable testosterone level is achieved and maintained in the second and subsequent days
  • Androgen therapy can be discontinued at any time
  • The gel can be applied at home, work or while traveling

At the beginning of androgen therapy, 5 gram of gel (1%) per day should be applied on the skin. This quantity of the gel contains 50 mg of testosterone. Typically, testosterone gel is sold in tubes containing one dose.

During hypogonadism treatment and delayed puberty, testosterone level has to be regularly checked, especially at the beginning of treatment. If the therapeutic effect is absent or is low, the daily dosage should be doubled.

Areas of skin to which the gel is applied should be closed from contact with other people. If sexual intercourse is planned or other possibility of contact with the skin areas, gel residues should be thoroughly washed.

Testosterone gel does not pose any serious health risks and does not cause addiction or overdose. In rare cases, testosterone gel causes adverse reactions that are mostly characterized by androgenic activity of the drug.

While using testosterone gel, side effects may include pain in the head and neck, facial flushing, rapid change in mood, violation of quality and duration of sleep, reduced ability to smell and frequent erections.

Testosterone patch is an alternative to the gel and is used to treat the same disorders. Patches are glued to the skin quickly, so their use is easier and more convenient than the conventional gel.

If you do not know what to buy testosterone patch or testosterone gel, pay attention to their prices. Androgen therapy can be prolonged, so the price of one dose of testosterone has a significant impact on the overall cost of the treatment. In general, the price of testosterone gel is lower than that of testosterone patches.