Testosterone shots

When testosterone pills, pellets, creams, gels and patches do not work, or effects of their use are not powerful enough, people use shots (injections).

Thousands of men take the benefits of testosterone shots in order to:

  • Promote youth and vitality.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • Improve athletic performance.
  • Enhance sexual activity.
  • Prevent accumulation of fat.

Testosterone shots are also used by men with certain diseases. This medicine is effective in stimulating sexual maturation in boys and improving fertility in adult men.

Men use different types of testosterone shots:

  • Propionate
  • Cypionate
  • Enanthate.

Dosage will depend on the type of medication, the concentration of your steroids in the blood and the goals you want to achieve.

How to give testosterone shots

The injection delivers testosterone deep into the muscle tissue. From there, the steroid will be absorbed into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Always use a sterile needle and syringe. The use of non-sterile needles can cause infectious diseases. Choose a shot location. Thigh is a good place to inject testosterone, because you see the injection site.

Injection can be unpleasant or painful, if you do not follow these recommendations:

  • Keep the muscles relaxed.
  • Remove all air bubbles from the syringe.
  • The solution should be of room temperature.
  • Do not change the direction of the needle when it is being introduced.

Hold the alcohol swab at the injection site to prevent bleeding. After the shot is done, place the testosterone bottle in the storage area (usually in the fridge).

Possible side effects

Although testosterone is produced in the body in a natural manner, its administration with shots can cause side effects. If you do not have experience in the introduction of testosterone shots, the most common side effects may be bruising, pain, redness and irritation of the skin at the injection site.

Other possible side effects, associated with testosterone shots, are:

  • Decreased libido
  • Increased hemoglobin
  • Increased blood volume
  • Urination disorder
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Headaches and dizziness.

The initial low dose of testosterone with a gradual increase can help avoid side effects. It is indeed a powerful and effective tool, which can provide excellent results. Testosterone shots should be performed correctly in order to avoid side effects.

You’ve probably heard about testosterone shots for women. They also may experience side effects, including changes in menstrual cycles and a deeper voice.

Testosterone shots for sale

There are many pharmacies, in which you can buy testosterone online. Cost of testosterone shots may differ, depending on the place of purchase and the manufacturer of the steroids. You can always compare prices in different places and choose what you need.

Each purchase of testosterone shots online is a safe and easy way to increase muscle mass or solve health problems. Licensed online pharmacies meet the highest standards and are as safe as any local pharmacy.

Online pharmacies strive to provide the greatest possible customer service, so that they are absolutely sure that they receive the right advice to meet their needs.

Pharmacies take care of their customers, and strive to protect their anonymity and confidentiality. All deliveries of testosterone shots are made in unbranded discreet packaging as soon as possible.