About Testosterone Pills

Testosterone is an androgen steroid, synthesized in the body of men and women. In men’s body testosterone performs multiple functions, one of them is to affect the men’s sexual activity. Testosterone deficiency in the male body may cause low libido and erectile dysfunction. But the first symptoms of testosterone deficiency becomes chronic fatigue and lack of physical activity.

Men with the lack of testosterone are prescribed with androgen replacement therapy, involving daily intake of therapeutic doses of testosterone. To cure severe androgen insufficiency, doctors prescribe the injection therapy as a rule. But if testosterone imbalance is minor or mild in the man’s body, he might be prescribed with oral pills Testosterone.

Before starting to take Testosterone pills, man must make sure the androgen insufficiency symptoms were caused by the lack of testosterone. So, to confirm the presumptive diagnosis, man might need to pass laboratory and diagnostic tests. Only after determining testosterone levels, confirming the diagnosis of androgen insufficiency, doctor can prescribe an optimal dose of Testosterone.

Regardless of the prescribed dose, Testosterone pills must be taken twice daily. Time interval between two doses of Testosterone pill, must be 12 hours minimum. Men should never chew or crush oral and buccal Testosterone pills before taking them.

*  Given that food increases testosterone bioavailability, one should better take Testosterone oral pills with food.

* Buccal pills Testosterone melt in the mouth bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, thus time of use does not depend on time of meals.

Side effects of Testosterone pills

*  The most common side effect of buccal Testosterone pills, is irritation of the mouth mucosa. Rarely buccal Testosterone pills cause bitter taste in the mouth, gum pain or tenderness and headache.

*  The most common side effect of oral Testosterone pills, is greasy stool. Rarely men, taking Testosterone pills, feel nauseous.

However, Testosterone pills side effects are slightly pronounced in men, who take them. It means that man doesn’t have to stop the androgen therapy once he noticed these side effects. With overdose, Testosterone side effects may intensify, so in order to lessen them, doctors prescribe a symptomatic treatment.

Recommendations for use of Testosterone pills

Before taking buccal Testosterone pills, it is recommended to wash the mouth cavity and brush teeth, if it’s possible. Man should place the buccal Testosterone pills just above the incisor tooth.

Androgen hormones (including Testosterone) can stimulate the growth of cancer tumor in the prostate gland. The risk of prostate cancer increases with men’s age. Thus elderly men should be careful with Testosterone pills.

Despite the fact that alcohol have no effect on the concentration of androgenic hormones in the male body, it is better to refuse from alcohol beverages, while taking Testosterone pills. Alcohol can increase the dissolving rate of Testosterone pill cover and thereby increase the probability of side effects.

Testosterone anabolic steroid is contraindicated for women. Therefore Testosterone pills cannot be prescribed for women with confirmed androgenic insufficiency, caused by the lack of testosterone.