Phentermine diet pills

Many obese people are looking for a weight loss plan that will help them to lose weight as quickly as possible. When hunger pangs prevents you from being on a low-calorie diet, a CNS active agent Phentermine is used.

Hunger is the main obstacle in fighting overweight or obesity. The idea of ​​using Phentermine diet pills is to:

  • reduce and control hunger;
  • limit calorie intake;
  • promote weight loss.

The CNS active agent Phentermine is hardly suitable for all people. These diet pills should be used for medical reasons, but not for “cosmetic” weight loss.

Before to buy Phentermine diet pills, make sure that you are a suitable candidate for starting a pharmacologic therapy. Weight loss pills can be a good option for you if:

  • the body mass index (BMI) is 30 or more;
  • the BMI is 27 or more and you have heart problems or high blood sugar.

The BMI measurement is the best body fat assessment method. The BMI calculation is based on a combination of height and weight. Waist-to-hip ratio can be used to assess abdominal obesity.

With or without the addition of the CNS active agent, the patient must modify the diet, increase physical activity and lead a healthy lifestyle. When these conditions are met, Phentermine helps to reduce the body fat percentage and waist circumference.

The results of Phentermine diet pills action can be seen very quickly. This drug begins to suppress appetite after using the first dose. The loss of the first kilograms can be expected within 1-2 weeks of the obesity treatment.

In clinical trials, Phentermine diet pills have helped most people lose 5-15 percent and more of their weight. Such or better results in weight loss are achieved within 3 months. This drug is usually not used for longer than 12 weeks because the appetite suppression effect decreases with time.

Phentermine is prescription diet pills. To buy Phentermine at the nearest pharmacy, you need to consult your doctor and get a prescription. The healthcare provider will tell you how and how often to use these anti-obesity pills.

Dosage forms and strengths

Depending on the obesity severity and patient’s preferences, Phentermine in the form of salt or ion exchange resin complex can be used. Phentermine Hydrochloride (salt) is available as:

  • Capsules: 15mg, 30mg or 37.5mg;
  • Tablets: 8mg, 15mg, 30mg or 37.5mg

Phentermine as the ion exchange resin complex is available as capsules of 15 mg, 30 mg or 40 mg. Such capsules slowly dissolve in the stomach and provide a prolonged anorexigenic effect.

Phentermine diet pills are usually used once in the morning. The dose of Phentermine 18.75 mg (half a tablet 37.5 mg) can be used twice a day. An alternative dosing regimen is a tablet of 8mg 3 times a day before the main meals.

Possible side effects

Most obese people begin the obesity treatment and are satisfied with the effect of Phentermine diet pills. Reviews of some consumers about diet pills include information on side effects.

In addition to the fact that Phentermine suppresses the appetite, it increases blood pressure. Therefore, blood pressure should be measured regularly during a pharmacotherapy course of overweight or obesity.

Very few obese patients complain of side effects, but this does not mean that they cannot appear. Such the body’s reactions to the obesity treatment can be:

  • tachycardia;
  • dry mouth;
  • changes in libido;
  • dizziness;
  • falling asleep problems;
  • gastrointestinal disorders.

If Phentermine diet pills are used for a long time, they can be addictive. At the end of the treatment course, patients are advised to reduce the daily dose gradually to avoid the appearance of withdrawal symptoms.

Where to buy OTC Phentermine diet pills?

Phentermine slimming pills are sold at many local or on online pharmacies. However, more and more obese people want to buy Phentermine over the counter online, as it is convenient and gives many advantages.

Purchase of Phentermine on online pharmacy is a safe and easy way to start treating overweight or obesity and herewith to save money. Such pharmacies work directly with the manufacturers and order large quantities of these diet pills. This makes it possible to sell these weight loss pills at low cost.

One more advantage of online purchase is the possibility of a free online consultation. If you have any questions about the drug effect, payment options and delivery methods, contact the consultants by phone or email.