Herbal diet pills

Among the large number of anti-obesity drugs, herbal diet pills are characterized by their relative safety for the health and price affordability.

However, among a large number of herbal medicines sold in health shops and on online pharmacies, obese people find it difficult to choose and buy herbal diet pills that will really help to lose weight.

Herbal remedies for weight loss should not be regarded as miracle remedies for instant weight loss. Herbal diet pills help the body to fight excess weight and comprehensively affect the process of losing weight.

On one hand, slimming pills made from natural ingredients have a general healing effect on the body, on the other hand – direct influence on weight loss.

Herbal diet pills, which one can buy online, work differently. They can be divided into the following types:

  • Appetite regulators (reduce appetite);
  • Fat burners (speed up metabolism);
  • Regulators of fat metabolism (prevent fat absorption).

Appetite regulators significantly suppress appetite; consequently, the person begins to reduce size of his food portions. Typically, herbal diet pills include such natural ingredients as Ephedra, Coleus Forskohlii, Garcinia Cambogia, and Hoodia.

It is believed that Ephedra contains substances that stimulate the central nervous system. Herbal diet pills containing Ephedra contribute to a noticeable appetite reduction and increase of energy expenditure.

However, due to its powerful stimulating effect and ability to cause serious cardiovascular side effects, use of Ephedra is restricted in many countries.

Before to buy herbal diet pills online, make sure that the dietary supplement you want to order does not contain Ephedra.

The manufacturers of herbal diet pills containing Coleus Forskohlii claim that these supplements help to reduce weight by suppressing appetite. Alkaloid Forskolin contained in the roots of this plant helps to activate fat metabolism and has a positive effect on the body as a whole.

It is believed that Coleus Forskohlii is quite safe weight management product and can be taken in combination with other herbal diet pills. Coleus Forskohlii combined with Hoodia and Garcinia Cambogia helps get rid of excess weight and effectively control appetite.

Today, some of the most popular weight loss pills among obese people are fat burners. In fact, fat burners – are diet pills that speed up metabolism and optimize energy expenditure in order to reduce body weight.

Alkaloid Caffeine, which is included in most herbal diet pills, is the most popular among these weight loss supplements. Caffeine refers to the CNS stimulants and its application in high doses may cause cardiovascular side effects.

Therefore, before to buy herbal diet pills containing Caffeine, take into account this feature of the dietary supplement. Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis and forces the body to burn accumulated fats to maintain heat that contributes to weight loss.

Caffeine effect manifests stronger in combination with other weight loss pills. In conjunction with Green tea extract or Bitter orange, Caffeine stimulates lipolysis, increases fat oxidation and suppresses the feeling of hunger.

According to the manufacturers, herbal diet pills containing Bitter orange increase consumption of calories and breakdown of fat. Products with Bitter orange are often combined with other stimulants containing herbs (such as Ephedra) that increases risk of side effects.

A modern diet supplement, which helps to reduce fat absorption from food, is Chitosan.

Chitosan – is a natural sorbent found in composition of some herbal diet pills that one can buy cheaply on online pharmacies.

It is believed that Chitosan is able to bind with fat molecules to a certain extent in the digestive tract and remove them from the body.

The manufacturers of diet pills with Chitosan claim that use of sorbent lowers cholesterol level, contributes to normalization of intestinal microflora and reduces body weight.

However, there is very little data on Chitosan effectiveness for weight loss. Therefore, it is impossible to claim that herbal diet pills containing Chitosan are completely safe.

Effectiveness of herbal diet pills in obesity monotherapy is not proven clinically. Therefore, if you plan to buy herbal diet pills online, you have to remember that they should be used as adjuvant for weight reduction.

Use of only herbal diet pills is not so effective and does not guarantee weight loss. However, their use in combination with diet and regular physical activity does help to reduce body weight.