Seizure meds for dogs

Seizure meds for dogs are used to prevent or arrest seizure attacks of various origins. The attacks can cause a lot of pain and are dangerous for a dog’s or puppy’s life.

Despite the fact that seizures are sometimes curable, scientists keep arguing about the efficiency of various seizure meds for dogs. Usually, seizure meds for dogs are prescribed to those pets, who have epileptic seizures no more than once per month. The best result from using seizure meds depends on how strictly the dog’s owner adheres to recommendations of veterinary physician.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of using seizure meds for dogs is the reduction of the frequency and severity of seizure attacks. It is impossible to cure seizures, because in most cases, the disease etiology is unknown. An epilepsy treatment in dogs is a difficult and long-term process.

When using seizure meds in dogs for a long time, side effect may occur. After the intake of anti-seizure medication, your pet may experience ataxia (incoordination), polyuria (excessive urination), polyphagia (increased appetite and gluttony) and polydipsia (unquenchable thirst).

Because of these side effects of seizure meds, your dog may suffer from impaired metabolism, excess weight, obesity or high cardiovascular risks.

Mylepsin and Neurosyn are among the best seizure meds for dogs in the U.S. These medications come in the form of tablets, containing anti-seizure agent, called Primidone. You can give your pet the whole or crushed tablet of Neurosyn and Mylepsin.

In frequent seizures, specialists recommend to divide the dosage of seizure meds for dogs into several equal parts and take them several times a day. In addition to Primidone-containing medications, drugs containing Phenobarbital anti-seizure agent can be used for epilepsy treatment in dogs.

In the USA, such seizure meds for dogs are not available, but some online pharmacies import Phenobarbital- containing anti-seizure pet meds from other countries of the world. Phenobarbital meds can be imported from Canad to the USA. At Canadian pharmacies, anti-seizure medications containing Phenobarbital are sold under the brand Epiphen.

The advantage of Phenobarbital over Primidone is that it does not affect the liver function. Therefore, dogs with liver disease must be prescribed with seizure meds containing Phenobarbital.

Scientists keep searching new seizure meds for dogs, which could have replace pet meds used for the treatment of epilepsy for several decades.

Unfortunately, innovative anti-seizure meds are not available for sale. Therefore, dogs with epilepsy are still prescribed with medications, developed many decades ago.

Potassium Bromide is one of the first seizure meds for dogs. Owners of epileptic dogs are familiar with this medication under the name Bromav, Epibrom and Libromide.

Other effective but not new seizure med for dogs is Diazepam (brands: Pamlin and Ilium). Besides the fact that Diazepam provides an anti-anxiety and myorelaxant effects, it has a pronounced anticonvulsant activity.

It should be noted that many seizure meds for dogs are very toxic; hence, they are prescribed not for all pets. In this case, you may use some alternative anti-seizure meds for dogs, instead of potent anticonvulsant drugs. These are for example, homeopathic anti-seizure meds.

In veterinary homeopathy, Belladonna 200C is a very popular drug. During clinical trials, this natural seizure meds for dogs has confirmed its efficiency in reduction of seizure activity.

Other homeopathic seizure meds for dogs – Cocculus, Aconite, Cicuta Virosa and Silica are also effective anti-convulsant means. During the therapy of dogs suffering from epilepsy, it is necessary to consider the age, sex and cause of seizures.