Costco pet meds

Now many prescription pet meds are available for sale in Costco Pharmacy.

Just like humans, pets can get sick. Regardless of whether your pet feels slightly unwell or suffers from a serious ailment, the animal needs treatment and effective medications.

All pet owners they know how expensive can be veterinary medicines in a vet’s office. If you, moreover, have not one, but two or three pets, then the treatment will cost much more. For this reason, many guardians are looking for a variety of ways to cut the treatment costs.

Costco is a real way to pay less for pet meds, since their prices for veterinary drugs are much lower than in specialized clinics for animals.

Meds, available at Costco, are delivered in such easy-to-use formulations, as:

  • Chewables;
  • Oral suspension and solutions;
  • Oral capsules and tablets;
  • Topical solutions.

Among popular prescription meds for cats and dogs, available at Costco at affordable prices, you can buy Nexgard (inexpensive analogue of Bravecto for prevention of fleas and ticks), Rimadyl (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).

To prevent heartworms in cats and dogs, veterinarians usually prescribe Revolution solution. The price of this and other medications in veterinary drugstores is high, and you will be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save when buying pet meds in Costco.

In Costco, you will find several antimicrobials – Clavamox, Baytril. These meds are designed specifically for animals and are almost harmless. At that, they cope with a wide range of diseases in an effective manner. With their help, you can quickly rid the animal of skin and soft tissue infections, as well as urinary traction infections.

All prescription pet meds for sale at Costco have been tested for quality and are approved by FDA. To familiarize yourself with the list of medications and compare the cost of pet meds in Costco and in other pharmacies, you can visit the official pharmacy website.

If you need a medicine that is not on the list, contact the nearest pharmacy. It is important to note that pet medicines are available only at warehouse pharmacy locations. To find out whether your local pharmacy has the medication that you need, you can contact the pharmacy worker via phone or live chat.

Costco provides pet owners with the opportunity to quickly buy the necessary meds and initiate treatment of their pets in the shortest possible time.

If you have a pet, which should regularly take prescription meds, you can order drugs online in order to save both time and money. Just like many Australian shoppers do.

Reasonable prices, wide assortment of pet meds and the opportunity to achieve significant money savings make Costco the main assistant in caring for your pet.