Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03

Bimatoprost is a drug used for normalization of high intraocular pressure, and for stimulation of the growth of eyelashes. Buying Bimatoprost without prescription, you can choose eye drops or ophthalmic solution 0,03%.

Increased intraocular pressure or glaucoma – one of the most serious eye diseases. This disease damages optic nerves leading to vision loss and blindness. Glaucoma is most common in elderly subject, but it may occur at any age.

Bimatoprost is an analog of prostaglandins – bioactive substances, contained in all organs and tissues, including the eyeball. Bimatoprost provides outflow of aqueous fluid, pressing the eyeball, causing the pain.

Bimatoprost is characterized by all criteria to relieve glaucoma symptoms:

  • when using the ophthalmic solution, intraocular pressure does not fluctuated;
  • vision is not impaired when using the drug;
  • the most convenient mode (only once per day);
  • effective reduction of intraocular pressure.

Those are recommended to buy Bimatoprost without prescription, suffering from the pain in glaucoma. To reduce the intraocular pressure, just one drop of Bimatoprost is enough for a day. More often application may reduce the effect of Bimatoprost. The first signs of intraocular pressure normalization are observed  in about 4 hours of using the ophthalmic agent.

In 8-12 hours after application of Bimatoprost drops or solution, all glaucoma symptoms disappear: the pain and heaviness in the eyes, blurred vision, etc. If you are using another remedy to lower the intraocular pressure, the intervals between intakes should be 5 minutes at least.

Benefits of Bimatoprost eye drops and ophthalmic solution to reduce intraocular pressure:

  • a strong hypotensive effect;
  • it is not addictive;
  • it maintains a constant level of intraocular pressure during the day;
  • no serious side effects;
  • therapeutic effect is not reduced when using again.

Bimatoprost reduces intraocular pressure in patients with or without glaucoma. Therefore, if you do not have elevated intraocular pressure, Bimatoprost is not recommended.

Today Bimatoprost, like all other prostaglandin analogues, is the most promising and well-studied remedy to relieve glaucoma symptoms. Drugs in this group are the first-line therapy for decreasing intraocular pressure.

In the USA, Bimatoprost was launched as a remedy to relieve glaucoma symptoms since 2001. Soon, the ophthalmologists noticed that in addition to normalization of intraocular pressure, Bimatoprost stimulates the growth of eyelashes. So since 2002, buying Bimatoprost without prescription, you can buy a remedy for eyelash growth.

To stop hypotrichosis (loss of eyelashes), Bimatoprost should be taken once a day, better before bedtime. Before application, the face should be cleansed of make-up, and no contact lenses in the eyes.

One drop of Bimatoprost is applied to the upper eyelid with a special applicator, provided in the drug package. The ophthalmic solution is applied along the lash line.

A new applicator should be used for each application of Bimatoprost. Do not apply the ophthalmic solution on the lower eyelid. Avoid contact of Bimatoprost with the cheeks or forehead skin otherwise irritation may occur.

A fast and stable growth of eyelashes should not be expect right after Bimatoprost application. The effect of the ophthalmic solution is observed in about six months. During this period the volume is increased, and pigmentation of eyelashes is changed.

Bimatoprost without prescription is available in the USA under the names of Lumigan and Latisse. The remedy for normalization of intraocular pressure and stimulation of the growth of eyelashes can be offered under the generic name. As the same solution 0.03% Bimatoprost is used for relief of glaucoma symptoms and for growth of eyelashes, all medications based on it are interchangeable.

Bimatoprost without prescription can be ordered not only in the United States, but also in such countries as the UK, India, Germany, Poland, and others. The users always can compare prices for Bimatoprost on different online pharmacies and choose the most affordable price.

In Canada, Bimatoprost without prescription is available under the name of Vistitan, which also can be used to normalize the intraocular pressure and to treat hypotrichosis. Bimatoprost is contained not only in medicines but also cosmetic remedies.

Prospects for development of Bimatoprost-based medications include creation of products to increase the growth of eyelashes and hair as well. The first Bimatoprost-based medications for hair growth already have appeared, but their effectiveness is to be confirmed by clinical trials to be conducted.