How to treat an animal in pain joints?

Just as people, animals may suffer from diseases, accompanied by inflammation. If any inflammatory process takes place in pet’s body, it needs to be cured with pets meds that have anti-inflammatory effect.

Usually in order to stop the inflammatory process, pets are prescribed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). NSAIDs pets meds are prescribed for pets to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, periodontitis and diseases of the spine.

Given the fact that NSAIDs not only have anti-inflammatory effect, but analgesic effect as well, they can be prescribed for pets to ease the pain. Use of pets meds with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect allows to relieve pain, lessen the inflammation and restore physical activity of pets.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic pets meds are often prescribed for pets to treat joint disease (or disorders of joint tissue), arising from various injuries. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system in pets can also arise due to natural wear of the cartilage.

It is noteworthy that untimely use of anti-inflammatory pets meds not only reduces the motor activity and provokes pain in pets, but does also cause atrophy of the muscular system. It means that the lack of adequate treatment of inflammatory diseases is a potential risk of that pets will completely lose the physical activity.

If pet was diagnosed with disease of the joints, spine or any other disorders accompanied by inflammation, pets meds with analgesic, anti-fever and anti-inflammatory effect, help to:

*  reduce the inflammation and pain;

*  increase the flexibility of joints;

*  restore motor activity;

* prevent degeneration of the joint cartilage;

*  increase the pet’s quality of life.

Pet med Carprofen can be prescribed to relieve the inflammation and pain of the joints in osteoarthritis in dogs. This anti-inflammatory medicine for dogs can be injected subcutaneously or taken orally. In pharmacies, pets meds, containing Carprofen are available under trademarks: Rimadyl, Carprofen, Novocox, Vetprofen and Carprieve.

However pet med Firocoxib is usually administered for dogs as pets meds alternative. Just as Carprofen, Firocoxib helps to reduce pain and relieve the inflammation. But unlike Carprofen, Firocoxib medicine is available on the market in pills for oral use only (Previcox pills).

It must be noted that Carprofen is only prescribed for dogs, but Firocoxib can be prescribed to control the inflammation in horses as well. For the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses, Firocoxib is administered orally (Equids pills) or intravenously (Equioxx injections). As an alternative to pets meds Carprofen and Firocoxib for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in dogs and horses, veterinarians prescribe medicine Phenylbutazone.

Phenylbutazone is among the most-prescribed anti-inflammatory pets meds, used in veterinary for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in dogs and horses. On the international pharmaceutical market, pets meds that contain Phenylbutazone, are available under such trademarks as: Butazolidin, Butatron, Tevcodyne, EquiBute, Phen-Buta Vet, Bizolin, Therazone, Robizone-V, Equipalazone, Bute, Phenylbute, Phenylzone, Equiphen, Superiorbut, Equizone, Pributazone.

Rationality prescription of pets meds with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect is caused by that pets stays physically active and feels no pain before the surgery or in post-surgical period.

Herewith, one should note that all pets meds with anti-inflammatory activity have some pets contraindications. Therefore before giving them to pets, one should consult a veterinarian.