Anxiety meds for dogs

Urban dwellers and residents of small towns suffer from various mental disorders more often these days. The reason is chronic fatigue, stress and poor conditions for work and rest.

However, not only people, but also dogs suffer from diseases, called – anxiety and panic disorder. Anxiety meds for dogs can help dogs with phobia or other disease, but humans must know which one of them works best.

Symptoms of anxiety in dogs

Pets cannot tell you about their health problems and more so cannot buy anxiety meds for dogs. Therefore, the whole responsibility of identifying the first signs and symptoms of disease lies on dogs owners.

Attentive people quickly notice any changes in behavior of their pets, especially when it comes to appetite. Sad pets usually refuse even from their favorite foods.

Most often people start thinking of using behavior-altering drugs after they see their pets give up playing, walking and communicating with other family members.

The sooner you determine the symptoms, the faster you can start the treatment. Best anxiety meds for dogs allow your pet to regain the joy of life without negative consequences for its health.

Causes of anxiety in dogs

Stressful situations are the main causes of anxiety. Most dogs experience great stress when moving to a new home, parting with the owner, when a new baby is born or new pets appear in the house.

Another common cause of anxiety in pets is diseases. Pain, nausea, poor vision and changed metabolism – all that can change the mental state of your pet. Older pets are more vulnerable psychologically. Anti-anxiety meds for older dogs should be used carefully.

Prescription anxiety meds for dogs

Before you start using anxiety meds for dogs, please consult a veterinarian first. If you choose a proper drug and dose regimen, it will help you to cure your pet from mental disorders without side effects.

Vetame meds are used to relieve the anxiety in cats, dogs and horses. Vetame injections help to control the psychomotor overactivity and increase the pain and itching tolerance.

Clomicalm is another popular anxiety meds for dogs. Dogs of any size can easily swallow small tablets of Clomicalm, dosed 5mg, 20mg, 40mg or 80mg. The daily dose of Clomicalm is 2mg to 4mg per 1 lbs of body weight.

If your pets are very nervous during injections or tablet intake, you can order some chewable anxiety meds for dogs, including Reconcile. The chewable tablets have nice flavor, which most dogs love.

If listed drugs cause side effects (like seizures), it can be recommended to use OTC anxiety meds for dogs. Unlike the prescription pet meds that may cause serious side effects, natural anxiety meds for dogs are completely safe and can be prescribed for puppies and dogs of any age.