Pet care RX

Pet Care RX Company (better known as PetCareRX) is one of the largest US-based suppliers of veterinary drugs and pet care products. Pet care RX provides the opportunity to order veterinary drugs online not only in the USA, but also in many other countries of the world.

Just as other large online retailers, Pet care RX offers to order pet care products online and consult a qualified veterinarian. Several hundreds of Pet care RX Call Center employees are ready to answer your questions about pet care around the clock.

The USA residents can contact the Pet care RX support service over phone, while people from other countries of the globe – by email or Live Chat. You can have a Pet care RX Call Center consultation for free in any country of the world.

Pet care RX Flea and Tick

To fight fleas and ticks in dogs, you are offered to use collars, pills, sprays, powders and shampoo. You can buy these products by Pet care RX under such trade names as: K9 Advantix II, Advantage II, Frontline Plus, Nexgard Chewables, Revolution, Comfortis Flea Preventative, Sentinel Flavor, Trifexis, Capstar Flea Killer, PetArmor, Advantage MULTI, Vectra 3D and Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collar.

The cheapest products of this group are Hartz UltraGuard collars, costing $6.29 and Safari Double Row Flea Comb – $9.59. The most expensive Pet care RX Flea and Tick products for dogs are offered by the price over $99.99.

To protect cats and kill fleas and ticks, Pet care RX proposes to use pills, sprays, collars, powders and shampoo under the following names: Seresto, Resultix, Natural Chemistry Yard and Kennel, Zodiac, Sentry Natural Defense, Sentry Pro, Advantage Household Fogger and Bio Spot Active Care. The cheapest products from this range are shampoo and cat combs, their minimum price is $7.00.

Pet care RX Arthritis and Pain

You can buy many safe and effective medications for treatment of arthritis and pain in cats and dogs online from Pet care RX. Usually, these drugs are produced in form of tablets or capsules. You can buy pills choosing one of the offered nice flavors to ease swallowing of your pet.

You may order Arthritis and Pain meds for dogs under such names as Rimadyl, Quellin (Carprofen), Novox Caplets (carprofen), Deramaxx, Adequan Canine, Previcox, Cosequin Double Strength, Glyco-Flex and Prednisolone.

Deramaxx and Rimadyl tablets are one of the cheapest Pet care RX medicines to relieve arthritis pain in dogs and their price does not exceed $2 as a rule. The most expensive pills may cost over $50, but usually these drugs are supplied in large packages containing many pills.

The most popular Arthritis and Pain drugs for cats are sold under the following trade marks: PrednisoLone, Metacam, Prednisone, Synovi G3, Gabapentin, ProMotion, Methocarbamol, Glyco-Flex II Feline, Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Solution, TriTop, and Ark Naturals. Pet care RX proposes to buy these drugs online without prescription.

To relieve pain and cure arthritis in cats, tablets, capsules and ointments can be used. The price of the cheapest oral Arthritis and Pain medications by Pet care RX is less than $1 per pack.

Vitamins and Supplements by Pet care RX

Pet owners must make sure their pets consume enough microelements. To physiological systems and organs can function normally, animals need to consume a sufficient amount of fatty acids.

As a source of minerals and vitamins, people may use dozens of different dietary supplements for pets. Pet care RX online store sells such supplements under the brands Pet-Tabs Plus, Nutri-Cal, Nupro Joint Support, Nupro All Natural, Grizzly Salmon, Denosyl, Denamarin, Cosequin Double Strength, Cosequin Double Strength and Bio Case V.

Before you buy pills containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, you can compare prices and choose the lowest one. The cheapest Pet care RX dietary supplement for pets costs $7.99 (Glyco-Flex Classic pills). The price of other vitamin-mineral complexes for pets might exceed $50 per pack.

If you want to find cheap dietary supplements for pets, visit the Pet care RX store and it is possible that these supplements are available there under such trade names as: Dasuquin, Laxatone, Prozyme Original Formula, Atopica, Vetri Lysine Plus Feline Formula, Methigel, Proviable-DC, Glyco-Flex II Feline, Cat Lax, Felo-Form, Nordic Naturals Pet, Ark Naturals Joint and Dermasol Skin Relief.

In addition to arthritis medications, flea and tick products and vitamin-mineral complex, you may find thousands of other pet care products on Pet care RX online store. These products are included into dozens categories, such as:

  • Weight loss, vaccination, urinary health, thyroid stimulating hormone, skin and coat, prescription food, kidney health, first aid, eye care, neural health and epilepsy, metabolic care and diabetes, dental care, bladder control, anxiety management, respiratory health, anti-fungal, antibiotics and allergy relief.

If you buy care products for dogs, cats, parrots and other pets from Pet care RX, you may get a discount and offset your costs for postal services. You can get a detailed information how to buy Pet care RX pet care products online with a discount by email or phone call. Visitors of Pet care RX online store can consult a qualified veterinary physician in any country of the world.