Where to buy latanoprost

Latanoprost – is a drug of first choice used for treatment of primary open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension. If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, it should be understood that treatment should be aimed, at first, at reduction of intraocular pressure.

Latanoprost, which you can buy quickly and without prescription on online pharmacies, will help effectively and safely reduce intraocular pressure. Latanoprost is a synthetic analog of prostaglandin F2a and selective prostanoid receptor agonist.

Latanoprost reduces intraocular pressure by increasing outflow of watery moisture that provides antiglaucoma effect. However, before you buy Latanoprost without prescription online, find out its indications for use and price.

Typically, price of Latanoprost on online pharmacies is always lower than at retail drugstores. So if you want to buy Latanoprost at low price and without prescription, you should make use of online pharmacy services.

Latanoprost is one of the prescribed antiglaucoma medications in the USA, Canada, and Europe (including the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain). On the global pharmaceutical market, this drug comes in the form of 0.005% ophthalmic solution.

High selectivity of Latanoprost presupposes its possibility of more pronounced hypotensive action and availability of fewer side effects comparing to other drugs of this group.

The main mechanism of Latanoprost action is associated with increase in uveoscleral outflow through the ciliary body in the suprachoroidal space. It is proved that Latanoprost has no significant effect on production of watery moisture and does not affect the blood-aqueous barrier.

There is data that this antiglaucoma medication has vasodilatory, antiplatelet and neuroprotective properties. As shown by clinical studies, Latanoprost reduces intraocular pressure by an average of 32% of the initial level.

Latanoprost is a prodrug easily penetrating through the cornea is hydrolyzed to a biologically active form (acid).

Reduction of intraocular pressure begins 3-4 hours after Latanoprost administration, and the maximum effect is observed after 8-10 hours. The action of this drug is continued for one day.

If you want to purchase Latanoprost without prescription, carefully read the drug label and find out a way of its application and dosage regimen before starting its use.

Latanoprost is intended only for topical use. A drop of Latanoprost ophthalmic solution 0.005% is instilled in conjunctival sac of the affected eyes once a day.

If you miss a daily dose, the next dose of Latanoprost should be administered at usual time. An optimal effect is achieved when Latanoprost eye drops are used in the evening.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that frequent use of Latanoprost (more than once a day) leads to a weakening of the drug effect and may promote development of side effects.

When prescribing several topical ophthalmic drugs at once, interval between their intakes should be at least 10 minutes.

If you use contact lenses and buy Latanoprost without prescription or without specialist’s consultation, you should know that lenses must be removed before the drug instillation. They can be put on again 15-20 minutes after application of Latanoprost eye drops.

If you first apply Latanoprost, the following recommendations will help you properly use the medication:

  • wash your hands well before the eye drops application,
  • sit down or lie down and slightly throw back your head,
  • open a protective cap of the eye drops bottle,
  • gently pull down the lower eyelid with your finger and look up,
  • place a tip of Latanoprost bottle above the eye, but do not touch its edge,
  • lightly press down on the bottle and wait until a drop of the drug will fall to the eye surface,
  • do the same procedure with the second eye.

After using Latanoprost, be sure to tightly close the bottle cap. The opened bottle is suitable for use for 4 weeks and it should be stored in dry, protected from UV rays place.

Improper use and storage of Latanoprost may cause side effects. This medication may cause burning sensation, tingling and itching in the eyes, change in the length and color of the eyelashes. Headache and occasionally exacerbation of bronchial asthma may also occur.

If you have bought Latanoprost without prescription and use the ophthalmic solution for the first time, find out what other side effects are possible when using these eye drops. Commonly, this antiglaucoma medication is characterized by excellent tolerability and absence of serious adverse reactions.

Latanoprost – is a drug of first choice in local hypotensive therapy of glaucoma and is available under such trade names as Xalatan, Hysite, Xalaprost, Monoprost, Xanopt, and Latan-Ophtal.

For glaucoma treatment, choose Latanoprost. Studies have shown that systematic use of this drug promotes pronounced decrease of intraocular pressure in patients with advanced stages of primary open angle glaucoma. This medication is easy to use and has a small number of general and local side effects.