Birth control online canada

The Most Reliable Birth Control Pills Online in Canada

Reliability of birth control pills online in Canada is the probability of not getting pregnant within a year, if you constantly (and correctly) to apply this method of contraception. This is not likely to become pregnant after a single act of intercourse.

For example, the reliability of 98% for male birth control pills online in Canada that if 100 women are at every intercourse during the year to protect themselves from the (correctly worn), male condoms, then this year no more than 2 of them have a chance to still get pregnant from -this different failures. Of course, all these calculations reliability – only approximate.

All methods of birth control pills online in Canada other than sterilization reliability are limited because each method there is failures. How to achieve greater security when using methods of birth control from Canada? Firstly, when using both of two methods dramatically increases contraceptive reliability, because it is extremely unlikely that just two tools will fail simultaneously. Secondly, if there was an obvious failure of contraceptive like a condom to break, you can use emergency contraceptive, is also called post-coital pills.

Birth control pills online in Canada: barrier contraceptives

Barrier contraceptives prevent the ingress of live sperm in the uterus. Do not have long-term effects on the body of a woman or man. These birth control online Canada methods include:

  • male and female condoms;
  • vaginal diaphragm;
  • cervical (cervical) caps.

A condom for males is a thin sheath of elongated latex. It is put on an erect penis and the method protects the mucous partners from any direct contact.

Condoms are the most important at the moment of pills in birth control online in Canada because when used properly, reliably prevents not only pregnancy, but also the transmission of infections, including HIV and hepatitis.

Using a condom under the control of man, while the negative consequences in the event of misuse – unwanted pregnancy – mostly borne by the woman. The risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) depends on both partners.

Many men refuse to use condoms, believing that they reduce the intensity of the experience is obviously not comparing them with the intensity of sensations women abortion. In fact, there are condoms with a special surface to enhance the sensation for both partners that recommend even men who have difficulty achieving orgasm.

Reliability of this birth control method is 98%

Buy online in Canada birth control vaginal diaphragms

A soft elastic diaphragm is made ​​of different materials (silicone, latex) are used in conjunction with spermicidal ointments. They are placed in the vagina so as to prevent the penetration of sperm into the uterus, and retrieved no earlier than 6 hours after the last ejaculation. Reduce the risk of transmission of certain infections. These birth control pills you can buy online in Canada do not prevent HIV infection. Can be used repeatedly (generally within 1-2 years). To select the appropriate size of the cap or diaphragm need to consult a gynecologist.

Reliability of this method of birth control pill in Canada is 85-95%.

Chemical contraceptives as reliable birth control pills online from Canada

These birth control methods include vaginal creams, suppositories, tampons, etc. One of the easiest-to-use tools have not only contraceptive properties, but also protect against bacteria and viruses,  like chlamydia, staphylococci, herpes type 2.

However, this type of contraception is more suitable for people living irregular sexual life as an antiseptic, not only destroys the sperm and kills some viruses, but also violates the microflora from what may develop goiter vagina. It is best to use these tools in conjunction with a condom, for the duration of their short (except tampons) and at the time, the sexual act requires the reintroduction of contraceptive.

It is also important to remember that when in contact with soap and water (with any alkaline medium), the active substance is biodegradable, so all washing before and after sexual intercourse is only possible with clean water.

Reliability of this birth control pill online from Canada is 75-80%.

Hormonal contraceptives from the category of birth control pills online from Canada

Only synthetic female hormones are popular as methods of birth control online in Canada. Male hormonal contraceptives exist, but are still in the research stage and are not widely used. The operating principle of the female hormonal contraceptives is that they prevent ovulation.

Modern hormonal contraceptives have a variety of forms: pills (combination containing two hormones, progesterone and estrogen, as well as pure progestogen, or mini-pill), implants (in Russia they are not) and injectable drugs. Different products contain different doses of hormones. To choose the most appropriate hormonal contraceptive need to see a gynecologist and have a blood test for hormones.

Hormonal contraceptives as birth control pills online in Canada have some contra-indications and side effects. But if the first-generation contraceptives can cause serious complications, then a properly fitted modern means quite harmless. Contrary to popular prejudice, not all hormonal birth control pills from Canada cause weight gain.

Combined oral birth control pills online are taken every day for 21 days of the menstrual cycle; mini-pill – every day throughout the cycle, and it is important to take them at the same time of day.

Reliability of these methods of birth control online in Canada: 96,5-97%.

Use of mechanical contraceptives with hormones

“NuvaRing” is made of an elastic material and the vagina adapts to the contours of a woman’s body. The ring does not reduce the sensitivity of the partners does not interfere with a woman in sports, does not affect blood clotting (varicose veins of the lower extremities, that to some extent the case of the contraceptive pill), but it does not protect against STDs. One ring is designed for one cycle on the 22th day it is removed, and within a week we introduce a new.

Reliability of NuvaRing of online birth control pills from Canada is 99%.

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) as one of popular online birth control pills from Canada

IUDs can be both hormonal and non-hormonal. But those and others are introduced into the uterine cavity for a maximum of 5 years, after which the spiral should be removed during the next menstrual period to put the new one. Spiral can only put a gynecologist.

IUDs does not give the fertilized egg to attach to the uterine wall and, therefore, develop the embryo; it reduces the livelihoods of sperm and egg.

Hormonal IUDs constantly secretes the hormone levonorgestrel (a synthetic analogue of a progestogen), which further protects against unwanted pregnancy.

For all its popularity and ease of use of this type of contraception is quite dangerous because of the risk of ectopic pregnancy. He has a long list of contraindications and does not protect against STDs.

Reliability of online birth control IUDs from Canada is 75-80%.