Birth control patch

Combined hormonal contraceptives, including transdermal patches are among the most used methods of contraception in the United States.

The main advantage of birth control patch is that it can be attached so that it will be almost invisible, for example under clothing on the abdomen, back or buttock. Most often, the transdermal patch is put on the shoulder, but be sure that it is firmly attached to your skin; otherwise, it should be replaced with a new one.

  • To avoid the risk of sudden pregnancy, follow the rules for using the contraceptive patch.

Ortho Evra transdermal patches should be used within 28 days. Woman needs to change the patch for a new one every seven days. Then take a break in using the birth control patch for one week and then repeat the same cycle, also using one contraceptive patch per week.

The main mechanism of the contraceptive action is a suppression of ovulation, thickening of cervical mucus and changes in the endometrium. If woman decides to become pregnant, then she needs to stop using the birth control patch. The regular menstrual cycle will gradually restore after steroid hormones are out of your body.

  • Due to timely consultation with the doctor and use of an optimal method of hormonal contraception, woman can prevent pregnancy for the necessary period.

Each hormonal contraceptive has advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account before buying it. The birth control patch contains a certain dose of some female hormones, such as progestin and estrogen that help women avoid pregnancy.

  • Women can use the birth control patch no earlier than four weeks after giving birth.

Today, the modern strategy of hormonal contraception development includes decrease in the dose of active components in drugs for their better tolerability in patients. When using the birth control patch, side effects are rare, but can be as follows:

  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • menstrual irregularity.

Birth control patch has some contraindications woman should carefully read to before buying and using it. Women, who have varicose veins or acute liver dysfunction, should use caution while using the contraceptive patch.