Non hormonal birth control

Most women of childbearing age use hormonal contraception methods. However, hormonal contraception is contraindicated in some women, so they use non hormonal birth control options.

The advantage of non-hormonal methods of birth control is the fact that they do not increase blood pressure; do not cause edema and other undesired side effects.

When hormonal contraceptives are contraindicated, hormonal birth control medicines can be replaced by:

  • Spermicidal lubricants
  • Disposable or reusable barrier contraceptives
  • Intrauterine Copper Contraceptive is better known as intrauterine device (IUD)

It should be noted that non hormonal birth control pills are not manufactured or sold. Therefore, all proposals to buy non hormonal birth control pills online is a scam.

In this review, you will find important, interesting and reliable information about non-hormonal birth control options. If this review does not include the answer to your question about non-hormonal birth control, please, ask your question by email or phone.

You may obtain additional information about hormonal and non-hormonal methods of pregnancy prevention in any country of the world.

Condoms and other barrier methods of contraception

Not many men and women know that condom use is one of the unreliable contraception methods. The effectiveness of the female condom is about 20%, but in the use of male condoms, this index is equal to 11%.

Effectiveness of cervical caps and contraceptive diaphragms is almost identical. Clinical data demonstrates that the effectiveness of these non hormonal contraceptives is equal to 17%. The indicator of efficiency of contraceptive diaphragms and cervical caps is lower than that of female condoms, but is significantly higher than that of male condoms.

Reliable and absolutely safe barrier contraception can both replace and supplement hormonal contraception. Women, who have forgot to take a birth control pill before sexual act, should use one of the non-hormonal birth control options mentioned above.

For more effective birth control, barrier contraceptives can be used in conjunction with spermicides. Spermicidal lubricants inhibit the spermatozoa activity and enhance contraceptive effect of barrier methods of birth control.

Spermicides may include various active ingredients including Nonoxynol 9. Some manufacturers of non hormonal birth control products include spermicides in the lubricant, which is applied to male and female condoms.

Barrier contraception is a popular, cheap, but not the most reliable method of birth control. The most effective non hormonal birth control product is intrauterine device (IUD). When using IUD, the effectiveness of birth control reaches 99%.

Non hormonal birth control IUDs contain copper, which has a property to inactivate the spermatozoa ability to fertilize an egg. Just as birth control implants, IUDs provide a prolonged contraceptive effect.

The maximum duration of contraceptive effect of hormonal implants is 3 years, but non hormonal birth control IUD prevents pregnancy within 10 years.

  • The advantage of IUD over other non hormonal birth control methods is in prolonged contraceptive activity and very high efficiency. When using IUDs, the probability of pregnancy is the same as after surgery or after the use of injectable hormonal contraceptives.
  • The key disadvantage of IUDs is that they are more expensive than other non hormonal birth control products. Moreover, a woman cannot place by herself IUD at the fundus of the uterine cavity. Thus, besides purchase of this non hormonal birth control product, a woman needs to pay additional medical services.

When choosing non hormonal method of birth control, pay attention both to its effectiveness and to its safety.

The safest non hormonal birth control products are female and male condoms. They do not cause side effects and almost all men and women can use them.

When using spermicidal lubricants, itching and burning sensations may occur at the site of their application. Therefore, spermicidal birth control products are not recommended those who experience discomfort after their use.

IUD is highly effective birth control product, which may cause different side effects, including urinary tract infections, ectopic pregnancy, and perforation of the uterine wall or cervix.

If you are looking for a reliable, effective and safe non hormonal method of contraception, but do not know what kind of birth control product to choose, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

If you decide to use the most effective non hormonal birth control method (IUD), but it is contraindicated to you, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using hormonal methods of preventing pregnancy.

A list of contraindications of non hormonal IUDs includes several diseases and pathological states, including endometritis, cervicitis and other diseases of the uterus. Before buying hormonal or non hormonal birth control products online, you can get a pharmacist’s qualified consultation – absolutely free.