Definitions and terms

The period when the ovaries failure process is observed, menstruation stops, and the body experiences other stage, is named menopause. Conditionally, this period can be divided into the following stages: transition to menopause: premenopause, menopause, perimenopause, and postmenopause. To avoid any confusion, let’s specify these terms.


Premenopause is the period from the first menstruation to their termination. Duration of this period is several years, typically – 30-35 years. The menopause can be defined only when absent menstruation is observed for one year at least. Menopause is considered to be a kind of boundary between premenopause and postmenopause. The age of menopause depends on a number of follicles in the ovaries. Typically, women experience menopause between 50 and 55 years of age.


Perimenopause includes the period from the beginning of menstrual cycle disorder, menopause and 2 years after the last menstruation. During this period the health state is significantly changed, due to change in hormonal parameters. The most of women feel decrease in work capacity, mood swing, and hot flushes. Menstruations are getting irregular and stop. However, sometimes a regular menstruation cycle is observed after a long absence.


Postmenopause is the long period of the woman’s life from the termination of menstruation. However, the situations when the age of menopause significantly differs from an average are experienced very often. Early menopause means the termination of menstruation at age under 45 years that is caused by the hereditary factors or by certain health problems.

Late menopause is continuing menstruation at age above 55 years, it can be either a normal state, or a disease symptom. To examine this state, you have to consult the doctor is.

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