Coming menopause period

Coming menopause period is a qualitatively new stage of every woman’s life. The slow decrease in ovaries function is experienced after 35 years of age, a number of anovulatory cycles is increased, but till about 45 years of age all these changes remain invisible for women. The further decrease in level of female sex hormones produced by the ovaries leads to abnormal menstrual cycle, changing in duration. Delays of menstruation are getting more often and at last, they stop, and this means menopause.

Besides an evident affecting menstrual function, sex hormones affect practically all other tissues. Deficiency of the sex hormones produced by the ovaries leads to appearance of typical symptoms. Nine of ten women during this period observe changes in health state. It is not only hot flushes known to most of people. Typical symptoms of the menopause period are psychological discomfort, irritability, sleep disorders, changed sexual inclination, autonomic neuropathy symptoms: night hyperhidrosis, palpitation, high arterial pressure; changes, typical for atrophic processes: skin flabbiness, dry vagina, urinary incontinence, and fat tissues redistribution. Many women feel confused by coming changes.

At the first sight, the following late symptoms of menopause, such as coronary disease, osteoporosis, and degenerative changes of the central nervous system, are not so evident effect of deficiency of hormones, and observed in 10-15 years. So, to find out the reason of variety and diversity of menopause symptoms, we have to learn about endocrine system and hormones and reproductive system function.

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