Birth control sponge

In recent years, pharmacies offer more and more options for preventing unwanted pregnancy. Choice of a contraceptive is not always an easy task for a woman, especially given a wide variety of birth control methods.

The choice of a suitable contraceptive method that would suit you is a responsible task, so age, frequency of sexual activity, as well as health status, including reproductive health should be taken into account. Birth control sponge is a contraceptive that women increasingly prefer to buy because it effectively prevents pregnancy, as well as is easy and convenient to use.

  • Vaginal sponge is a good option to prevent unwanted pregnancy if other methods of contraception are unacceptable for some reason.

In general, birth control sponge is made of polyurethane impregnated with spermicide, designed to provide protection from unwanted pregnancy. This contraceptive blocks sperm from fertilizing an egg by covering the cervix, as well as it continuously releases spermicide.

Effectiveness of the birth control sponge depends on how correctly the woman places this contraceptive in the vagina. It is enough to consult a doctor or pharmacist to find out what contraceptive methods exist besides the contraceptive sponge and which one is right for you.

  • Provided proper application, the birth control sponge provides protection from pregnancy within 24 hours after sexual intercourse.

To make it easier to use this contraceptive, moisten the vaginal sponge with a little amount of clean water immediately before its application. The sponge should be left in the vagina for 6-8 hours after a sexual intercourse, after which it is removed.

Use of the contraceptive sponge helps to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but does not prevent from sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, many women feel more confident when their sexual partner uses a barrier contraceptive.

  • When using the birth control sponge, do not leave the contraceptive in the vagina for longer than 30 hours.

The main advantage of using this contraceptive for breastfeeding women is that this method of protection against pregnancy does not adversely affect their child. However, a possible allergic reaction and insufficient production of natural vaginal lubrication are among the disadvantages of this birth control sponge.

  • Various water-based natural lubricants and vaginal moisturizers can help to get rid of the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness.

After childbirth, woman should not use the birth control sponge until the postpartum recovery period ends. This will allow the reproductive system to restore, and will give the uterus and vagina sufficient time to take their former sizes. It is usually recommended to use the contraceptive sponge approximately 6-8 weeks after delivery and preferably after consultation with the doctor.

After using the birth control sponge, side effects occur very rarely and include a burning sensation in the vagina, irritation of the penis skin in the sexual partner. If you experience side effects after this method of contraception, stop using the vaginal sponge and contact your doctor.

You can contact a pharmacist of online pharmacy or read the package leaflet for more information on how to use the birth control sponge. Not all women know that price on birth control sponge on online pharmacy can be significantly lower than at regular pharmacy.