After 45-50 years of age, you can feel certain natural changes of health state: from well-known vasomotor disorders to essentially affecting the life quality and potential reasons of serious health problems (cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis). At the same time, women of mature age have got their life experience and they have reached their career top, however, worsening of health state make them avoid any communication and even leave their job position. With estimation of their healthy life way and their care of own health which are the base of good health state in senior age, it should be noted that a good advice in the period of adaptation to a new stage of life is necessary for any woman. And if in the XIX century there was no reason to discuss this problem, because an average woman’s life did not exceed forty years, nowadays success of modern medicine put new tasks.

Having reached a long life expectancy, we have to think of improvement of the life quality. So, it is absolutely clear that for a qualitative life the good health state is required and it is not ideal; it is a real aim.

Coming menopause is a natural stage of every woman’s life, however, expected changes is accompanied by emotional discomfort. Traditionally, the European women expect menopause worrying a little, considering this period as the beginning of getting older and loss of attractiveness. Absolutely in different way the termination of menstruation and end of childbearing age are considered among the Asian women: cared and respected, an Asian woman goes to higher status in her family at this period of time. The following evident fact should be noted: we tend to be afraid of unknown. However, knowing and explanation of the reasons of changes give women self-confident and emotional comfort allowing to pass this stage of life without any psychological discomfort.

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